Meanwhile, Tsuna strolled in the old quarter of the city, is here, that we find the best objects. Having spiritual powers and being a shaman and priestess Tsuna knows the true value of objects even if they're ancients or recent as well as ancient laws forgotten by humans. When her intuition led her back to an old antique shop she rushed in thinking about all the wonders inside like a kid who goes to a candy store. Upon entering the shop she saw various things: porcelain, a sundial, old jewels, statuettes, taps and paintings, swords and many from various civilizations. When she observed the objects in storage, the shopkeeper left the store and watched Tsuna closely. After a while, the owner seems delighted and gets closer to Tsuna.

"Something interests you young miss?" Asked the owner in Chinese, Tsuna turned to him and examined him. A man in his thirties with black hair tied with an eyeglass and then a navy hanfu with a golden dragon and a white lotus flower, Tsuna frowned mainly because the owner is much older than it looks. Tsunahime bows respectfully.

"I observe if there items for me or not even if I would like to have the whole shop, but it's impossible. Moreover, I could not pay simply with money, does it?" She replied to the owner with a knowing smile. The owner looked at her and then smiled gently.

"My child with your talents, you could help me, the protective talismans of the shop were destroyed not long ago. Could you replace them? You can take all you want in this room after." He asked with a meaning look. She nodded and then moved to the centre of the shop and looked at the corners of the room burned old japanese and chinese talisman. (She knows what type of talisman it was after seeing the rare characters on the papers) After a little preparation she pulled out four talismans each with an animal and characters on it. She inspired deeply closing her eyes then opened then begins to recited words.

"By the four powers of the celestial pole, I ask you to protect this humble abode of all evil..." A faint circle lighted and appeared at her feet, the owner had the breath cut in front of such a talent and powers.

"The star of the North and the water, where reign Xuanwu half tortoise half-snake, the symbol of immortality to which he carries on his back the universe. Guardian of the polar star sign of birth, death and longevity, I implore you to protect this humble abode with your black house!" The talisman with a turtle and a snake and the character of the water 水 inscribed rose around Tsuna then a black ball appeared in the magic circle.

"The star of the East and wood, where live Seiryū the Azure Dragon, the symbol of strength and wisdom to which vegetation grows in his passage. He, who makes life come out of his way but by his anger can destroy all obstacles, I implore you to protect this humble abode with your agile body and wisdom." The talisman with a dragon with the characters of the wood 木 rose with the other talisman around Tsuna, another blue pearl appeared in the circle.

"The star of North and fire, where fly Zhuque the Bird Vermilion, the symbol of vigour and authority which he reigns over the celestial bodies. He who directs and dwells in heaven I implore you to protect this humble abode with your wings of fire. " A third talisman with a majestic bird with flames covering his wings and the character of fire 火 rose with the others around her and then a red ball gushed into the circle.

"And the West Star and the metal, where fight Byakko, the symbol of courage and ferocity which he reigns on every battlefield. Indestructible and powerful warrior making the lightning spring from his body, I implore you to protect this humble abode with your lightning and your rage." The talisman with a tiger and the metal 金 character rose around Tsuna as with the others then a white-silver ball fitted in the magic circle. The magic circle lighted up and turned to at her feet then she closed her eyes and recited the last sentence, suddenly the room was illuminated by a powerful blinding light. When the light was gone with the magic circle, the four talismans were at the four corners of the shop, Tsuna slowly opened her eyes and then turned to the owner gapping in amazement. He blinked and then gently applauded. 

"What talent! And what power! A promising girl with a bright future!!" He shouted, this embarrassed Tsuna with her calm face who mumbled it was nothing.

He told her that she was too modest and as promised she will be able to take all she wants in this room. After careful reflection Tsuna took four objects: a white hanfu with an orange hue with golden ornaments from which one can feel a powerful and ancient power that inhabits it, a furin (Japanese wind bell) in ceramic with a red phoenix draws on it, an ink painting in which an autumn blooming flower garden and a powerful white tiger is drawn on it and a pair of iris-shaped earrings with amethyst (purple) and topaz (indigo) as gemstone for each of the loops. Tsuna chuckled silently watching the colour of the stone, thinking of two people in particular (Guess who?). Then came out of the shop bedding her goodbye to the owner and saying that one day she could take the items in the back shop, the owner chuckled and bowed at her. 

Going back to Fon to take I-pin she gets a message from IRIS, Tsuna frowned severely as she read the message.

IRIS: Carnage in Mexico → 32 victims: 19 dead and 13 wounded, including 5 serious of all ages. Cause: The new drug with the name of Flight of the God or more simply FOTG, some people from a local gang have consumed it and have entered a restaurant to make a carnage. Two were apprehended the rest was shooted, the police take the testimony of witnesses, staff and customers who were not injured. What do we do Hime-sama?

Sora27: I want a full report on what happened in Mexico and more information about this drug. Send the message to everyone and alert them to the dangers of this drug. But I don't want them to jeopardize their lives because the person(s) who circulate this drug are far from weak. Transmits message as absolute order please IRIS.

IRIS: Roger Hime-sama.

Tsuna sighed when she arrived at Fon's house, seeing her preoccupation Fon asked her if something happens. She explained to him what happened in Mexico because of the drug, Fon told her to not worry too much about that, that is not good for her health. To change the tense atmosphere that has settled Fon gave her three Qi-pao: a long white with cherry blossoms, a blue one with silver patterns and a short in black with roses drawn on it. 

(It seem the Storm arcobaleno really like pampered the one he loves) 

I-pin and she took the plane with Isabella and Vlad, Tsuna explained to them why they were kept I-pin. Isabella and Vlad saw no problem, they were rather pleased to have a new little sister/daughter in the house. Arriving at Namimori they passed to the Sawada Residence which Ieyasu and Reborn were waiting for them to fetch Lambo, as soon as Lambo saw Tsuna he threw himself on her. He meets Vlad who called him Curly at this Isabella and Tsuna laughed and I-pin who he called her 'Tail-head' and Isabella 'Mama' because she is sweet and kind like a mother, that doesn't escape Nana who spying on them from the kitchen jealous of the beautiful blonde woman in front of her house. Before leaving, Tsuna told at his older brother a phrase that aroused Reborn's curiosity. "You know.... «Even family are still other people. Other than being related by blood, (is there any other relation? ) Aside from yourself, everyone else will always be other people.» Don't forget people tend to place their need before other."(Quote of Yuuko Ichibara of xxxHolic)


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