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Sero and Kirishima catch Kaminari as he fell, they stood there in silence.

"Jeez, Kami, you look worse than yesterday, is it really that bad?" A familiar pink female spoke, her voice laced with concern and confusion.

"D- does everyone know..?"
Kaminari asked weakly, looking at Mina.

Kirishima started, but only to be cut off by Sero before he could finish.

"I told them, I was worried about you and i thought they needed to know."

They stood in silence, Kaminari staring breathing heavily. Sero looked to him and saw new fresh tears running down his flushed cheeks.

He felt bad, wishing there was a way he could stop all of Kaminari's pain in just move.

The blonde started rambling and talking about how they shouldn't worry about him.

Sero furrowed his eyebrows, pulling up his arm, ripping Kaminari from Kirishima's arms as well.

He swiftly moved Kaminari closer to him and forced his mouth open, taking out the pills and tossing them.

He then quickly smashed their lips together.

Kaminari's eyes soon widened, tears slipping out of his tearducts, running down his cheeks.

Everything turned from darkness and suffering, to bliss and light.

Soon, he kissed back.

The rest of the group stood there, shocked. Mina began freaking out silently, like a fangirl.

The two soon broke away, staring at eachother.

From eyes that were shadowed and dull, back to full of happiness and energy.

"I thought you.."
Kaminari trailed off, still processing what just happened.

Sero smiled and looked away from Kaminari, thinking of what to say.

"I know.. But with seeing how much pain you were in, and the fact that you literally just tried to... Y'know. I may or may not developed something that used to not be there."

"I'm sorry for just know realizing my feelings, it was always there, im sure."

Kaminari smiled and put a hand on Sero's cheek, making him look back at him.

"I'm glad you at least realized before I was gone."

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