chapter 7

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omniscient pov

ariana blinked a few times as her eyes adjusted to a bright white light that beamed down onto her. she moved her hand up blocking it from her vision.

"dad she's awake" she heard a
distant voice speak. she ignored it and rubbed her eyes a little still not really knowing where she was.

soon enough her dad was standing above her with a weak smile
on his face and noticeable stress
on his face.

"where am i?" ariana said to him her voice coming out as a small whisper. her throat seemed to burn when she

"you don't remember, sweetie you haven't woken up for four days?" he told her as then grabbing her hand into his own.

four days?

ariana sat up a bit more trying to piece anything together in her mind until everything that happened entered her memory.

"fuck." she whispered under
her breath.

"im so sorry." ariana looked up at her dad. tears had started to form in eyes and her heart was breaking thinking about what she put her family through. she probably scared them and she hated herself for that.

"don't be sorry. i shouldn't have
been so hard on you." he admitted dropping his head down and looking at the hospital room floor.

"no, no, dad please don't beat
yourself up. this is my fault and
i wasn't thinking." she explained trying to comfort him the best way she could.

"i could've prevented all this." her dad sighed waving his hands around in a circular motion around the hospital room. "it's so hard sometimes because i'm always worried about you. all of you." arthur glanced up looking at all of his kids. asher and ava sitting in two chairs near the bed ariana was in.

"your mother always was a pro at these things. whenever their was a problem she'd be right there." he smiled at the thought of her as he still held ariana's hand.

it was true, her mom could've had the worst day of her life and feel so hopeless but if any of her kids felt the way she did, she make sure to do anything in her power to make them smile and each time it worked.

poor ava didn't even really get the chance to experience things like ariana and asher did. she was only two years old when there mom passed so it wasn't like she had many memories of her like they did.

"i didn't want this to happen again and i promise you dad that this wasn't my intention." a few tears fell down her face. arthur's face soften while he looked at her. he saw her as the little girl she once was. when the only thing she cared about was when the next barbie movie was going to come out.

"i know." he gently kissed her forehead. a little smile finally had crossed
her face.

for a few hours they all just talked about small memories or funny things that happened. even though they were in a rough patch they actually felt like an almost complete family. they all weren't thinking about how things have been going downhill ever since they moved here and their mother/wife passed.

doctors came in checked in on ariana, running a few tests and bringing in a counselor to ask her stupid questions that she didn't want to answer. it was the typical 'are you suicidal?' or 'do you want to harm yourself or people around you?' very stupid questions to her.

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