Kram Fluff

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This is just gay fluff. This was requested and is also a thanks to Almighty, because she believed I'd do well in my Geography and English essays, and we made a bet on it. Now, I only have gotten my Geography results and it was very good, a grade 2 effort which means excellent. Now I have to wait for the English ones next week.

Thank you all for your support, and for 4.1K reads on this book!




"Hey, bro?" Ram called from the kitchen, as Kurt glanced up. They were doing a project for their CP teacher, and it was taking care of a doll as if it were their actual kid. The lighter-haired boy sighed.

"Yeah, dude?"

"I- uh... The baby's on fire.." Kurt instantly took that the wrong way, grunting a little.

"I know Mac's hot, but you and I are gay and dating," He reminded him, as Ram huffed, but chuckled at his misunderstanding.

"No, Kurtsy! I mean the doll!"

"Oh," He laughed in embarrassment, walking into the kitchen. The doll, was indeed on fire, "Now how the Hell did this happen?" He asked, a little concerned, but he didn't exactly care about the subject at all, watching the small toy char and ignite in even more flames.

"Uh, well, I may have been scared by Duke and I dropped my lighter on the thing, oops," Kurt laughed, before reaching into the cupboard, "Dude, what are you-" He pulled out a bag of marshmallows, and then grabbed two forks, sticking a marshmallow on both of them, and handing one to a heavily confused Ram. Though, he soon joined Kurt as the two teens roasted their marshmallows over a burning doll.

Ah, true love.


Kurtsy: Ram, why is your middle name Jon?

WoodenRam: Because my parents hated me, bro. An' I got bullied for it.


Kurtsy: ...who bullied you?

WoodenRam: bro no-


"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH-" Kurt suddenly yelled, only because he allowed boredom to take over. Luckily, Ram knew what to do, appeared behind Kurt on the couch.


"Ram what the Hell-"


I don't know what the Hell this is. I'm sorry, I'm sweaty and tired, okay?

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