Fade - Chapter 2

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From the dead, black trees in the front yard, to the grey cobblestone walkway leading out to the courtyard, there was a certain soundless-ness about the reality in which the two demons call home. Some call it 'hell', but it's the place in which Sebastian and Ciel make their stay. The aroma of the blood red roses surround the younger demon in his garden as he sits on the cold stone of one of the many benches scattered about.

Sebastian sits near him, leaning forward, his forearms resting upon his thighs. The butler is staring the the small pond of dead water in front of the two; the illusionary breeze carrying flower petals into he dark liquid, swirling them around in ripples. As Sebastian's intent stare masks his face, Ciel speaks,

"would you ever miss he mortal world... if we were to stay here for eternity; just the two of us?"


Sebastian's blunt reply silences the boy as he contemplates the statement. Would he (Ciel), miss the mortal world? To be quite honest, Ciel never got to say goodbye. His faked death lies in his palms the way he lies his head into Sebastian's arms at night. Love had never been part of this... well, it had been. When he was mortal his emotions ran rampant, being caught by the wind and sweeping away his clarity... but since he'd become... this... he'd not been as lucky.

Of course he loved Sebastian, even though he'd never told him before. Sebastian loved him to the best of his ability, and when they became of the same kind, the savage way of life left them alone and remembering. Demons cannot love as a human may; they feel in a way a mortal being cannot... in an indescribable hunger that overtakes them... almost drives them mad.

"I would not either. I would anger over the way life used to be." Ciel leans his head back, looking to the dark sky's above them. The dim stars shine in the haunting light of the far-away moon, casting an eerie shadow upon the manor. Sebastian's gaze is marveling, for when Ciel turns to send a smug look his way, Sebastian's smirk is hollowing its way through Ciel.

They were not affectionate creatures, yet in some moments the urge takes them in and sweeps them away in a breathless, reminiscent pause.

"The way life used to be wasn't much different, young master. You were caught in your hell, and I was caught in mine."

"Do not call me that, Sebastian... I despise the way in which you act like a servant."

"Am I not?"

"Not to me, your not."

There's a pause in the spoken words being exchanged as dark storm clouds envelop and the moon's shine. "What if I broke the contract, Sebastian? What if I said it should be no more? Would you stay with me?" Ciel's voice is no louder than a whispered lullaby, the dreamy atmosphere choking them in sentimentality. The complete darkness is offered for a longer moment, and Sebastian's breath becomes heavy as he leans closer to run his fingers through his master's hair.

"That is quite a big question, and the possibility of such a scenario is impossible, my lord."

"Call me Ciel. That's an order."

Ciel's human origin has conducted an abnormal being. Feelings in which he has felt for so long occasionally break through, sometimes leaving marks wherever they touch. His fear of fire provides an example, much like his mundane love for Sebastian which peeks through from time to time. And much like the way the other creatures of shadow shunned demons like Sebastian; demons who may feel more than average, life had shunned Ciel through the time he called himself a Phantomhive. He was still a Phantomhive, still the same boy... right?

The utter darkness resounds in a thick fog as Sebastian's hands graze along Ciel's jawline as his mouth opens.

"Yes -"

"No... not another sound, Sebastian."

Ciel covers Sebastian's mouth with his own, a hand fisting against his shoulder as the other roams the length of his back... and they tilt their heads. Like always, the feverish exchange leaves them both breathless, Ciel's small body pressed against Sebastian... and he leans in for more, pulling him closer and holding him tight...

and like always, the commands air through the night, their ominous whisper followed by a silence only the whispering willow is quiet enough to hear.

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