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The sunset over the hills of Merlon was something that tourists all over the world would come to see. The moment the sun started to go down, the hills would glow with radiant hues of gold.
The sky became a lovely gradient; from orange to pink to blue.
On top of all of that, fluffy clouds would burst with a luminous yellow.
Years had passed since Ahana had moved to Merlon, but somehow she never got bored of watching the sun sink below the hills. It was a moment of peace in her day; something that she never dreamed of being able to have.
Constant stress from the war reigned over her life. Her teammates were furious, constantly fighting with each other.
And each one always looked to her to side with them.
Ahana sighed. It was the consequence of her position.
Why in the name of Hope herself, had Morpheus made her captain of the Aurora Watch?
Brook had done so much better she ever would.
Ahana's fingers clenched the grass, pulling it out of its roots.

How long had it been since she had last seen her?

Weeks, months, years.

She had lost track.

Ahana quickly glanced up at the sky. It was now a dark and pure blue.

“Gods!” She cursed, scrambling to her feet. She had probably been out here for hours.

She grabbed her jacket and started to make her way down the hill.

Ahana winced. The Watch was going to be furious with her.

- - - - -

Finally, right? XD
Sorry that this is so little qvq I'm currently working on the first chapter with help from my amazing (6th grade) LA teacher 7u7
I'm trying to make the first chapter amazing for you guys, hopefully I'll be able to get it out soon ^^

Also the cover pic is by the amazing Tendaaf <3
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