Chapter 11

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~Bell rings~ SAMMIS POV:

I sigh, I really can't wait to get home. I'm in need of a long bubble bath. That should help me relax, god knows I need that.

I grab my bag and sling it onto my shoulder. Then I make my way to the door.

"Hey wait up Sammi" she says from across the classroom.

I glance over to her and try to put on a smile. It clearly wasn't convincing since Chachi looked at me with concern.

"Are you ok," she asks 

She knows an altered version of what happened last night. She is beyond furious and is extremely worried about me going home but I know that I have to at some point.

I shake my head. "It's ok, I'm fine" I say.

She gives me a doubtful look but decides to drop the issue. On our way to the exit of the school Sunny joins us, but she noticed our quiet mood and didn't say much.

We walked out of school and I quickly noticed my black car waiting by the curb. I turn to my friends.

"See ya guys tomorrow" I say as I turn to head to the car.

"Sammi are you sure your ok," Sunny says.

I turn and for once in the past week I give a genuine smile.

"I am, thank you guys for caring so much, but don't worry I'm fine ok" I say trying to ease there concern.

"Look babe we are your besties we are going to worry about you no matter what" says Chachi laughing.

Me and Sunny soon join in. I give them both a quick hug and head over to my car.

I open the door and plop in the back seat.

"Hey Bill how was your..." I freeze.

Instead of Bill in the front seat the one driving was Kris. I started to panic as I reached for the door to try to get out. But Kris started to put the car in drive and I wasn't fast enough. I was now stuck in the car with him.

I was severely scared, I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what he wanted to do which just added to my growing fear.

Then he finally spoke.

"Hey, Sammi" he says looking at me through the rear view mirror.

I stay silent, I was still frozen fear. What is he doing here? Did he hurt Bill? How did he know this was the car I took from school? How did he know where my school was? A million questions were blazing through my head as I just sat there.

Kris sighs. "I know your scared, but I need you to hear me out" he pleads.

Hear him out? What does he have to say? He was gone for 9 years and now he has something to say?

My fear was slowly being replaced with anger as I stare at him waiting for him to explain.

"I know you saw everything" he says.

"Yes, I saw you and chanyeol fighting and you... Both of you... " I trail off as I remember the scene. I shudder.

"Sammi, I never wanted you to find out that I was a wolf, you were never supposed to find out" he says.

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