Chapter Two - Part Two

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3rd person pov

Alex rapped his foot nervously, looking between the General and Royal Family.

John gave him an encouraging look, making Alex nod.

Washington clears his throat, "So, Alexander, What is your story?" He asks curiously.

Alex immediately tensed, not fond of sharing, but this is his future, if he answers, he could be placed by his side...hopefully.

"Well...I was born in a small spot in the Caribbean, called Nevis.."

George nods, "Isn't that the place that got destroyed by a hurricane?"

"Yes sir." He nods.

This was all new to John, Alex never shared anything about his past with him.

Alex swallows, " dad left my family when I was six...WhenI was twelve..Me and my Mama...we got really sick, and could only afford medication for one of us..."

"And.." he swallows heavily, feeling everyone's intense gaze, " was terrible...uh..I was in her arms when she died.."

He looked at his lap.

"When I was seventeen...two years ago, the hurricane brother was crushed under our roof...and I almost drowned..." Everyone was staring.

"After the hurricane, everything was destroyed, I wrote a letter to my Father about it...and I guess he published it in got all the way to the Caribbean, where people heard my story, and passed a plate of money around, enough for me to come here...and that's it I guess..."

Everyone was gaping when he finished.

John bit his lip, "I-I had no idea..."

Alex shrugs, staring at his half eaten plate.

"Oh dear..I'm so sorry Alexander.." Eleanor shifts awkwardly.

"It's in the past." He shrugs.

The General was deep I thought about Alexander's potential.

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