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"I should have never fought with her this is all my fault." Calum sobs driving past cars, turning on my directions. He had been hysterically crying for a few minutes, I had to drive from the passenger seat for a few moments while Calum had tried to control himself.

"Calum it isn't your fault. She had been off her meds and she has a serious alcohol problem. It isn't your fault." I reassured Calum as we drove closer and closer to the bar, that I hoped and wished Garland would safely be in. "You had no idea she had this problem, don't beat yourself up about it."

Calum whimpered next to me shaking as he drove. He really did think it was his fault. I did too when I first heard she had a problem, I encourgaged her to drink, as Calum probably did too. We're just teens, we both didn't know what would happen. I'm just mad that Garland didn't tell him, she held a huge secret in her life away from him, a person that cared for her deeply.

I directed Calum where to drive and soon the big sign "Fred and George's Beer and Lodge" came into view making me nervous. I was afraid to see Garland like this again. It had tramitized me over the years and I just hoped she was safe, and not getting groped by gross men. I could feel my hands shaking the closer we got to the bar.

Calum pulled into the parking lot and parked quickly before jumping out of the car. He didn't even try to turn the car off. I grabbed the keys and climbed out of the car following right beside him. He busted through the doors and I ran straight for the bartender.

"Hey, have you see a pretty tall brunnette girl here?" I asked the male bartender that wasn't paying much attention to me.

"HEY!" Calum screamed finally getting the attention of the bartender. "She asked you a question." He growled. I could tell he was nervous, I was nervous as well. No matter how old you were this would never get easier.

"What was your question." The bartender asked seeming uninterested.

"Have you seen a five foot ten girl with brunette hair and green eyes any where?" I asked again looking around to see if I saw Garland anywhere.

"Oh yeah! She came in her a little while ago, she was drunk out of her mind. Started dancing on the bar, she almost fell off a few times. A man I don't remember what he looked like, said he was her boyfriend so he took her to the bathroom I think." He shouted over the loud karoake music that started to play.

I slapped the bar screaming back at him. "Where's the bathroom?" He looked at me and pointed to his left where there was a giant red signs with "Restrooms" printed on it.

I thanked him before sprinting off towards the bathrooms. I could feel Calum behind me and I began to shake. I was afraid -very afraid- of what I would see. I could sense that Calum was too. He probably has never been in a situation like this before. He probably had a normal life not having to worry about your girlfriend or best friend drunk out of her mind by herself at a bar.

"I'll go to the boys you go to the girls." Calum instructed before we split up to cover more ground. I rapidly ran towards the girls bathroom praying that Garland would be in there safe from any harm. I slammed the door open to the bathroom strutting into it. There didn't seem to be anyone in here but I double checked under the stalls. While I looked under the stalls I saw two pairs of shoes pushed far back into the corner of the stall. They didn't seem to be making any noise, which was quite odd. 

"Hello?" I called out. I heard a slight whimper as I walked closer and closer to the red door of the stall. I could feel my palms all sweating and gross. I lifted my right hand up to the door and pushed it open to find a horrific sight. "Get off of her now." I growled prancing on the guy that held Garland against the wall. 

"The fuck do you think you are? Get off of me now bitch." The man slirs loadly slinging his arm back and shoving me off of him and on to the tile floor. My head hit the wall violenty sending a shooting pain to soar through my aching skull.

"She said get off." I heard Calum's australian accent from above. I watched dizzily as Calum's all black converse stepped closer to the man pushing him away from his scared and drunk girlfriend. The giant older man threw a punch right into Calum's stomach sending him to lean down in pain. After a few moments Calum stood back up and knocked the man right in the jaw sending him to hit the wall. The hitting continued for a few moments as I stood up to grab Garland who had moved away from the dudes fighting it out. I grabbed on to Garland pulling her into my chest watching Calum throw one more punch at the man sending him to topple to the ground. Well damn, Calum can kick some old bikers mans ass. 

"Calum come on, he done alright. We got Gary we gotta go." I said holding on to Garland who was shaking in my chest. It broke my heart to see her like this. It brought back memories of all the terrible things that happened to her when she was young. I don't see why she would ever want to experience anything like that again. It's honestly so sad. 

"Garland Rose, baby come on let's take you home."



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