Chapter 5

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-Joe's POV-

I was so happy at the fact that I had finally put my feelings (or lack of feelings) for Caspar away that I went to thank him for the food.

I knocked on his door, "Come in!" I heard him shout from inside.

I opened the door, walked in and smiled. Caspar looked slightly surprised to see me, "Hi Joe." He said warily.
"Hi Casp. Just wanted to say thanks for the food. It was good, I appreciate it."

"Anytime." Caspar replied, he was clearly still wary.

"Well, see ya Casp!" I smiled and walked out, shutting the door behind me.

My phone buzzed with a notification so I checked it. It was a message from Grant, an old friend of mine who I hadn't spoken to in ages!

GRANT: Hey Joe! Long time no talk. So I'm going to London next week, can I crash at ur place to catch up and talk?

JOE: Of course! I have a roommate but as long as you stay in my room I'm sure it'll be fine.

GRANT: If its any inconvenience to him let me know and ill find someplace else and we can meet up somewhere to talk instead.

If I was gay, which I had confirmed I wasn't about an hour ago, I wouldn't have gone for someone like Caspar anyway. He's always joking about everything which don't get me wrong, I love humor, but it gets old. I'd go for someone like Grant, who's caring and considerate. If I was gay, that is.

JOE: Okay, so ill talk to you later.

GRANT: thanks man, just let me know whenever.

I walked back to Caspar's room and knocked a second time.

"Yes?" I heard Caspar yell. I took that as an invitation to come in. I walked in the door to find Caspar typing away on his laptop.

"Is it okay if my friend Grant crashes here next week? He'll only be in my room and won't cause trouble."

"You're friend?" Caspar asked in an odd tone.

"My friend." I said laughing.

"Is he your boyfriend? Be honest Joe."

I laughed harder, "Of course not Caspar. I'm not gay." I laughed again. This time Caspar laughed with me. But I could tell his laugh wasn't real. Caspar laughs a lot, and his fake laugh is almost identical to his real one, so people think he's always always always happy. I know the truth though. Caspar lies about his emotions. A lot. But I'm not telling anyone about how I know when his laugh is fake. It's a thing I like having to myself.

"I'm glad were friends again Caspar. The thought of losing you scared me. You're such an amazing guy and I'm glad you're my roommate, and my best friend." I emphasized on the word 'friend' so he'd know I didn't like him like that anymore. I was sweet talking Caspar and we both knew it. I knew he had a weakness for being sweet talked though.

A huge genuine smile spread across his face, "Awww Joeeeee why do you have to be so goddamn nice. And of corse Grant can come." He said grinning from ear to ear.

"Great! Thanks Casp. I owe you one."

"Yeah you do." Caspar said, back to his old teasing self. I only rolled my eyes at him.

I turned on my phone and texted Grant back.

JOE: Got the OK from my roommate you can come.

GRANT: thanks a ton. Do you think I could come early?

JOE: Of course, whenever

GRANT: okay! Ill surprise you then, see ya!

-- A/N I don't know how long this chapter is because I'm writing it on the mobile app. But I'm assuming its pretty short haha. It's short because the chapter was all Joes POV as well and we need some Caspar!

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