{.}Chapter 2:Another Visitor{.}

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(This is what I imagine what the reader would look like,by the way you don't have to look like this if you don't want to.Also this art is drawn by me sorry if its like bad and other because I don't use tablets(Yes it killed my fingers) and also I apologize for not uploading bit too long because I didn't get much time like I use to.)

(Also if you want to make fan art of it then I would gradually accept it!If you want to send the fan art to me then that's okay,I would upload it to the chapters and I will credit the person who made the fan art so don't worry.)

(Warning:Spoilers for the boss fight.)

The time passes by and you were still on Jevil's lap,it was quite awkward for you because you just met that odd person with very much likely an odd behavior about not too long ago.

Suddenly both of you heard footsteps and Jevil was excited for some reason and you didn't exactly know why,so you gave him questioning look on your face but he just jumps off then quickly ran to the door and you just landed on cold floor which made you let out small 'oof'.

''Uee hee hee,the key,the key.''You weren't sure about what he was talking about so you just sat on cold floor and listen to the conversation going on.

''A marvelous fun is about to break free.''

''Won't you let yourself outside?''

As he said that sentence you heard the door started to unlock and footsteps started to create echos,you closely trying to take at look at the strangers but sitting there barely seeing things in dark cell doesn't help so you stood up and took few steps.

You saw three figures,the first one is a human with some armor and sword,the second one is reptile looking monster with purple skin/scales and seems to wear some punk and rock style mixed together and the last one is black fluffy looking creature with green wizard hat type and green dress(?) and long red scarf.

 You had bad feeling about it so you just trying to find darker corner so they can't see you properly or they won't see you at all and you were curious if that was Jevil's friends or foes but you thought it was probably his friends.

''Uee hee!Visitors,visitors!Now we can play,play!''

''Then,after you,I can play with everyone else,too!''

''What he is on about right now..And what does he mean after he can play with everyone else too?''You asked yourself with curiosity drowning your brain with theories or what could possibly happen.''Hmm..'',You were close-minded person so you might mistaken a lot of things expect situation like this.

''So what are we playing,exactly?''The fluffy creature asked,you weren't sure what type of creature the green one is but it does look quite fluffy so it's probably an animal type.

''Oh,it's just a simple numbers game.''Just as when Jevil said that sentence a scythe just came out of nowhere almost killed three of them which made you let out loud gasp.


They were still fighting you didn't know what to do because you were never a fighter in your whole life which means that you are weak for a darkener like you,you really wanted to help the three visitors that Jevil called them but you couldn't take it anymore so you created clone of yourself and thrown your clone in the middle of the fight.

Jevil was spamming spades until spade hit your clone fake soul and it breaks,Jevil was shocked as it was your time to make him faint so you took out hard book that you were reading before and quickly hit him on the head right behind him,while he was standing with shock on his face?Then he got unconscious.

''Oh I hope I didn't hit him that hard...''You were scared if you actually killed him because you started to like this guy as friend and you didn't want a friend died from a book..Of course but he did actually tried to harm these guys.

You turned your head to them and started to check on them worriedly like mother that found out that her child had fallen of the bicycle.''Are you guys okay did he hurt you that badly?''You asked them as they were confuse at first because they didn't noticed you before but the fluffy creature one respond to your question.''Yes we are fine,thank you but may I ask who are you?''They asked,you smiled at them and introduced yourself to them.

 ''Well kids the name is (Y/N),(Y/N) (L/N) a local entertainer from the King's hands!Or forced local entertainer I should say..''The purple reptile just fake snorted at you.''What do you mean us kids?You're a kid too.''

That sentence just bothered you because she just called you kid even though you are an young adult so you began to speak to her which you assume they are she because based on feminine voice they have.

''Excuse me young lady,but Im not a kid I may look younger,weak and short like the gremlin clown that was trying to kill the three of you,but that doesn't mean Im kid but if you still don't believe me then I won't argue you with that because that will be just an idiotic argument like parents would make whenever they are moody.''You almost lost your breath at the last part but the reptile was shock that you are an young adult compare to your appearance lets not forget you are shorter than her.

''Oh and be thankful that I saved your life but that would be an idiot of me since I did stand there being a scaredy-cat for like a minute then I saved your life..Anyway what is your name and your friends names I would love to know about you guys!''You smiled warmly at them as the first person to introduced them self is of course the fluffy creature.

''Well Mr (L/N),Im Ralsei the prince of the Kingdom of Darkness and sorry for my friend Susie who is being kind of rude,she used to be rude to us before but she is quite nice if you get to know her more!''He cheerfully introduced himself to you as you bowed yourself to the prince.''Well your majesty it is an honor to know you.''

''Oh you don't need to be royal to me it doesn't really matter and by the way the human who is behind me is Kris,they don't really talk much but they are nice person too.''You nodded as you almost forgot about Jevil so you turned around he just shape shifted to a scythe..?

''Wait did he just shape shifted to a scythe?''You asked them as Ralsei nodded yes.''That's quite odd..''

''Anyway we have to go find the Dark Fountains they have to be somewhere.''You raised your eyebrow up as you began to realize.''Wait you guys are the three heroes?!''You shouted in excitement as Ralsei nodded yes.''Oh I have waited for years for the heroes to come and seal the fountain because I hated the Dark World so much!Im so happy!''You hugged three of them with tears started to come out your eyes as you whispered a 'thank you' to them.

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