Chapter 39: An Act

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Reports were made. Chan couldn't cover his traces but he hid himself well. Minho came to Woojin and Seungmin's rescue upon hearing the news. Apparently, there was a witness and she reported it immediately to the NPs who transferred the report to the ghoul hunters.

The two were brought to the hospital. They have major damages but they'll live. Seungmin has to wear a neck brace for about a month while Woojin has to wear one for his leg and a support for his waist.

Jinwoo decided not to see them immediately. She had to make sure that Hyunjin's ghoul is prepared before doing so. She doesn't want to let them know what happened aside from Hyunjin-turning-into-a-ghoul so she's teaching the ghoul how to be the human Hyunjin.

They just hid in the forest for a week and that's enough. They dropped by the house first before heading straight to the hospital. The two are placed in the same room.

"Please don't do or say anything stupid," Jinwoo told the ghoul who just nodded his head.

The white-haired female mustered up courage and went inside the hospital room. She felt so shocked to see the two looking so vulnerable. Minho instantly glared at her when she came inside.

"Hyung..." Seungmin spoke quietly. "Your hair..."

"Uhh..." The ghoul didn't know what to say so Jinwoo just had to save him, rolling her eyes before speaking.

"That's why we were gone for a week," she began. "He wasn't ready to face you guys yet"

"Wait, Jinwoo's hair too..." Woojin pointed out. "I read about this before. It's due to a ghoul's distress, right?"

Jinwoo nods her head.

"What happened that night? Why did you two disappear? Seriously, please fill me up now!" Seungmin practically demanded. He already knows the basic point but he doesn't want to admit it to himself yet.  He already feels like breaking down.

"Chan killed him..." Jinwoo said slowly and Minho scoffed, turning away from them. He doesn't like the fact that there's another ghoul in the house.

"...and he turned," Seungmin finished for her. He shuts his eyes and did his best to contain his tears. "Fuck." But he just couldn't do it, he let his tears out.

"I'm sorry..." Hyunjin's ghoul muttered though he didn't actually mean it. He has to act according to Jinwoo.

"Now what? Our lives are threatened by two ghouls." Minho snickered bitterly, shaking his head. "Why can't you guys just kick them out? They're lovebirds. I mean– we're ghoul hunters so why can't you–"

"SHUT THE HELL UP MINHO!" Everyone stared at Seungmin with wide eyes, even the ghoul actor. It's not just because of the fact that he got rid of the honorific but it's also because of the fact that his angelic face made a drastic change. He's broken.

"There's nothing we can do now," Woojin said. "We just have to move on."

"Are you guys seriously still going to take them in?" Minho asked, frowning. He doesn't want to see them every time he visits Woojin's house.

Jinwoo sighed. "If you guys want to kick us out then fine I don't care."

"You've changed," Woojin told her. "You seem stable now."

"That doesn't mean she's not a ghoul anymore! She's a monster!" Minho exclaimed. Seungmin wanted to reach for a shoes and throw it to his face but he couldn't.

"Hyung," Seungmin quietly called.

"Y-Yes?" The ghoul thought it felt awkward. He really doesn't like the idea of hiding the truth since he can't act comfortably like himself but what can he do? Jinwoo asked him.

"Are you okay?"

"Of course."

He doesn't know why Seungmin asked that but he also feels like he said the wrong words. Seungmin is his brother so he'll instantly figure out when there's something wrong.

At that point, the ghoul already felt doomed.

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