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Turns out Stiles and Liam had stalked Theo last night. Tables turned and there was nothing to be found evil about him but Stiles still didn't trust Theo. Liam fell in a hole, that's what he told me I had laughed for several minutes thinking that was the funniest thing I've heard all day. 

This morning I had woken up in Stiles' arms, I had waited for him to get home. He didn't want to talk about it and I told him it was okay because I knew eventually he would talk about it. He seemed upset and annoyed last night so I didn't want to push him. 

Another thing that should be noted was that Mason now officially knows about the Supernatural. Liam had finally told him which I think will benefit Liam, he has someone his age and that is a friend that can help him for whenever we're not there to help Liam. 

Of course, we'll always be there to help Liam, though. 

Now, I'm in the office with my brother and my boyfriend to support Mr. Stilinski's first date in forever. Mr. Stilinski was quite nervous, we were here to support him and tell him to go on the date and maybe find out who it is with as he won't give us any detail. 

"Oh, I should've gotten a haircut." Mr. Stilinski groans, looking at himself in the carry on the mirror he has in his hand. 

"Well, you know someone your age should be happy you still have hair to cut." Stiles added in, stepping in front of his father making me chuckle softly as I stand next to my brother. He nudges me, telling me to stop laughing. 

"I think you look great." Scott complimented as he walks over to Stiles and I just stayed put to where I was. 

"Well thank you, son, I should have had." Mr. Stilinski playfully glares at Stiles. Stiles looked offended, making me giggle some more. "Oh, what the hell am I doing? This is a terrible idea."  

"What, Dad... Dad, it's one date, okay?" Stiles reminded him. "The town of Beacon Hills won't implode while you're out with one woman. Or man." 

"It's a woman, Stiles." Mr. Stilinski informs his son. 

"Okay," Stiles agreed, showing a small smile. 

"A very beautiful woman." Mr. Stilinski added. 

"What beautiful woman, by the way?" Stiles asked, cocking his head. 

Mr. Stilinski smiled sarcastically. "None of your business. Either one of you." Mr. Stilinski casts me a look and I pouted at him. 

"I wanna know," Stiles murmured. I then walked over to Stiles, because I felt lonely and I lean on him because I'm too lazy to stand. Either way, he agrees to this and wrapped his arms around me, having his thinking face on. 

"Stilinski!" I suddenly hear a kid yell, gaining all of our attention. The yell was from outside of the office. "Stilinski!" You can see a kid being hold by Parrish and another officer. Mr. Stilinski, the boys and I all exit the office in wonder to see what this kid has to say, the whole time Stiles holds my hand. "I'm gonna kill you." 

"Donovan, if you think that shocks me, remember it was well-documented in your Anger Expression Inventory," Mr. Stilinski tells Donovan. "Deputies, escort this prisoner out." 

"I'm not angry like I'm going to throw a brick through your window." Donovan seethed already, glaring at all of us. "I'm angry, like I'm going to find you, I'm gonna get a knife and I'm going to stab you with it until your dead." He then locks eyes with me, glaring heavily, I held my breath but Stiles pushed me behind him, so I was in between him and Scott but still holding my hand. "And when you look at me and you ask me why, remember right now. Because this is why," 

Donovan just threatened to kill the Sheriff of the town. Well, it was nice knowing Donovan for two seconds. "Wow, that was awesome." I heard Stiles comment. "That was awesome. That was great. We do one more? Give us another one, maybe like Christopher Walken this time, you know." Nothing. "Okay, you know what? It's fine. You'll have plenty of time to work on it when you're in your tiny little cell, you know, just stuck there. Forever." 

That's when Donovan had tried leaping towards Stiles making my heart beat rise, but the officers had held Donovan back. Scott had reacted quickly, pushing me and Stiles in front of him, being the protective big brother he is. "Get him out of here!" Mr. Stilinski yelled. 

And then, Donovan was taken away. 

"What the hell's Anger Expression Inventory?" Scott asked Stiles. 

"It's a test you take when you're applying to be to become a deputy," Stiles explained to us making my eyes widen. 

"That guy wanted to be a cop?" I scoffed, crossing my arms.

"At least now he's getting a full law enforcement experience." 

I was now with the girls, Malia, Kira, and Lydia. We were helping Malia practice driving. You know, so she doesn't kill the people on the side of the road. Kira and I sit in the back, leaving the middle seat free and Malia and Lydia were sitting in the front. Malia obviously driving. 

We were out on the main open road that was pretty much empty. No cars ever drive around here so Malia's safe to drive. Kind of. "Okay," Kira started off nervously. "Hands on the wheel at 10:00 and 2:00," 

"Actually, the recommended position is now 9:00 and 3:00." Lydia corrects. Of course, she had to say that. "At 10:00 and 2:00, a deployed airbag could break your thumbs." 

"Mine would heal." Malia points out.

"Save your strength," Lydia said, glancing over at Malia. "And try not to destroy your new beautiful brand new car. 9:00 and 3:00." 

Malia then started the car. Okay, we're off to a good start. I made sure my buckle was clipped in. Malia then slowly eased into it. "All right. Just ease into it." Kira coached her. "Good, good, okay. There you go." 

"Please shut up." Malia softly said, concentrating on the road ahead of her as we slowly were moving forward. 

"No problem. Shutting up." Kira nervously said, placing her hands on her lap. "Uh, other way," Kira pointed out as Malia almost drove us off the path. "Other way, Malia." 

"We are now off the road, this is not the road." I told Malia, worrying a little. 

"Other way," We were about to hit the tree. Why is she not listening to us? "Malia." 

"What is that? What is that beeping?" Malia asked as it was the beeping to tell her to get off the road.

"The car's telling you not to run into that tree," Lydia said calmly. "Turn the wheel. Malia!" I sighed and fell back into the seat as we were almost about to hit the tree, but didn't as we quickly turned onto the road. 

"And try to stay on the actual road." Kira noted to Malia, who kept going around in circles. 

"Okay, sure." I say. "Uh, this is called a U-turn." 

"Lydia said to turn the wheel." Malia bluntly says. 

We continue to go in circles, making me low key dizzy. "Maybe you should press a little harder on the gas..." Lydia pointed out. I screamed out when Malia had put her foot on the gas a lot harder than Lydia had meant. "Okay, just turn up here." Lydia instructed. We turned the corner fastly. "No, slowly..." 

"Anyone gonna tells me where we're going?" Malia asked. 

"The school. We can finish with parking practice in the lot." I explain to Malia who nodded. 

We continue to go downtown. "Guys, we're actually going downtown." Kira pointed out.

"What?" Lydia and I asked at the same time. 

"If we want to go to the school we should do a U-turn. Shouldn't we?" Kira asked.

"No," Lydia says and I suddenly had this feeling like something's wrong in downtown. "Keep going." 

"You sure?" 

"Yes," I answer for her, staring straight ahead. "We're almost there." 

That's when we pull up to an underground bridge, we all hope out and there was an empty police escort van. This would've been the van for Donovan, who I saw earlier on tonight. The girls and I walk closer to the situation. 

There was still a man lying on the ground, covered in blood and his hand slowly reaches towards us. He's still alive. 

"Call 911."

Soon, you can hear the police scanners going off with ambulances and such and such. It was currently being gated off and we were still in the crime scene. Scott and Stiles got here eventually, I stand with my arms folded, staring at the situation. 

The man was being wheeled out to the ambulance. A deputy was talking to us but I didn't really listen as I just starred off at the van. What could have actually happened? My guesses were that something supernatural attacked this van. Or, Donovan was actually a werewolf, attacked the people inside and straight up left. 

I mean, this kid is nowhere in sight and he is capable of murder. Which scares me the most. Paranoid, I checked behind me but there was no Donovan behind me thank god. I watch Scott run past me with a police scanner. Huh, he must be finding it a quicker way. 

Stiles eventually made it over towards us, he gave me a reassuring smile and took my hand. In his other hand. "Scott, is that you?" Parrish asked through his police scanner as we all stand around him. 

"Yeah, I found Donovan." Scott answered. "He's completely freaked out. He keeps saying some name." 

"What name?" Mr. Stilinski asked on his police scanner. 

"Theo," I heard Stiles mumble to himself. I gave him a look, he only kissed the side of my forehead. 

"Tracy. He keeps saying Tracy," Scott answered. 

"Tracy who?" 

"Stewart. Tracy Stewart." Lydia announced.

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