Tao-Oppa is my Appa?

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My mother got pregnant in an early age, her boyfriend left her after knowing she was pregnant with his child. My so called Dad married my Mom when she was 30. Now she is 32, My Appa is 6 years younger than Mom and I'm 18. We were a happy family, but no one knows that the famous superstar Tao is my Appa and no one knows he is married. Mom got sick of Appa not being at home all the time. She filed a divorce and left us both, she found another guy and married him. Appa just can't accept it. Actually, I was the one who met Appa. I start calling him Appa, like a roleplay or something. I liked him a lot, I liked him since we met, we've been friends since I was 12. But he fell in love with Eomma, and Eomma liked him back. That broke my heart. But I just accepted the fact that he will never love me back and he will only love mom. That's why when she left us, he got into an accident cause he always zoned out, my Grandpa got mad and told him to leave EXO and he got more devastated, he always go clubbing and come home drunk, I hate seeing the guy I love being like this.

As always, I wait for him at home, one of his friends always accompany him to the bar. I can't accompany him, I can't stand the smell of too much alcohol, even when I'm just taking care of him, I wanna barf. I was watching Paper Towns when him and his friend Xianqin arrived. I helped him put Appa in his room, Xianqin left after helping me bring Appa upstairs.

Me: I hate seeing you like this Tao

Tao: Call me *hik* Appa you *hik* disrespectful *hik* bitch

I was shocked when he call me that

Me: I'm not a bitch Tao!

He grabbed my hair


Me: Stop it! It hurts!

He let go of my hair and pushed me away...

I had enough of this

Me: You know what! I wish I never introduced you to Eomma! In that way we can still be friends! We can have fun together! We can do anything we want! Why did I even love you anyways??? I'm so stupid for loving you and thinking that there will be a chance that we will be together..... I should just leave.

I stood up and left the room, I grabbed my suitcase and start packing, Tao hugged me from behind, I think he sobered up

Tao: No Elle pls don't leave me, You're the only one left of me in my life.

Me: It's too late Tao, just forget that I was once your daughter, forget everything we have, forget our friendship before you married Mom. You can start a new life

I zipped my suitcase and brought them downstairs. I wote my jacket and open the door. He hugged me from behind before I could leave.

Tao: Pls don't do this Elle, you're the only thing that's left of me, don't leave me. I can be a better father to you

I turned around

Me: A father? No Tao, I can't stand being your daughter, I loved you ever since we met. That day that you asked my Mom out, I was not crying because someone bullied me, I cried because it hurts, it hurts that the guy I love will soon be my father. I can't stand this life Tao, Annyeong

I left him there crying, I was walking at the sidewalk. Unsure of where to go, in streets I used to know. There's nothing left of me, a shell without a soul. I remembered the two people that cares for me. I typed a number and called them.

Dialling... dialling... dialling...

Me: Lisa....

Lisa: Saeng, why are you crying?

Me: I had enough of him, I left him and have nowhere else to go, can I stay there at your house.

Lisa: Ne, where are you? Kookie will pick you up

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