Highway Memories

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Live for the rush of fear you feel on a two lane road when a semi tops the hill ahead.
Live for car naps you take in the day light and wake up to headlights beaming out in the darkness of dusk..
Live for the passenger seat.
Live for the music you blare with your best friend while speeding down a county road.
Live for the off-key family sing alongs you'll have when you visit your hometown.
Live for the days when you have children who blare veggie tales songs so often that you (scarily) begin to enjoy the tunes.
Live for seeing Christmas lights out the window in August.
Live for sticking your hand our the window as you cruise around.
Live for all the audiobooks you have yet to hear over your stereo.
Live for the memories you have yet to make in your car.
I implore you, live... there are memories, even small memories in your car, yet to make.

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