Chapter 5: Familiarly Strange

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The Glass Angel....

Aderyn Castelle....

Aderyn had glass wings.

Aderyn could turn invisible.

But Ryn was not Aderyn!

She was born almost a hundred years after the Legacies had perished!

Yet she had seen him.


The leader of the Legacies.

The one whom had led them into their very first battle with the Silver Scorpion.

And then, again, into their very last.

He was dead.

Quentin was dead.

Aderyn was dead.

And yet....

What is happening to me?

She pressed her palms to her temples, eyes squeezing closed with the hopes of easing the rising headache which pulsed in time with her heart.

So many pounding questions and no visible means to answer them.

The only thing that made any sort of sense to explain why these impossible things were happening around her was that...


She had somehow traveled back.

That her fall had not been one through the empty space between the top of the cliff and the valley below but rather one through.... Time.

Even as the word bounced about her chaotic thoughts, she winced, recalling everything she had read that had told her, in straight, simple words, that time-travel, in itself, was an impossibility.

Just like everything else that had happened in the past few hours....

She found most of her mind hoping, beyond hopes, that everything she was seeing, hearing, feeling, were just the products of an exceptionally vivid dream. One which was trying its hardest to keep her imprisoned within this fantasised world of the past, a world she had always yearned to belong to.

And yet.... There was another part of her. One deep, deep down, in the very core of her heart that whispered to her, so softly that it demanded to be heard.

This is real.

This is real.

This is real.

Aderyn pulled her hands away from her head, and pried her eyes open.

She stepped closer to the edge, gazing out at the familiarly strange cityscape which spread out before her, a map which she remembered, transforming into a place she didn't recognise.

Every now and then, she found a building which she knew, one from her real city.

There was the Great Hall, standing proudly in all its stone splendor. She knew it shouldn't be this close to the edge of the city, but it looked exactly the same. It had been one of the few buildings to completely survive the attacks from the Silver Scorpion, and was maintained like any great monument to this day. Well... to her day.

To her right, she could make out the City Library, its many stone columns supporting its overbearing weight, enhanced by the bountiful knowledge which was held inside. It, she knew had barely been saved from a raging fire. The Legacies had come in just in time to douse the flames, but many of the books and documents had been lost to the heat, damaged and irreparable. The city had mourned its loss. But during the rebuild, it had been turned into a Museum, the City doing its best to maintain the old appearance of the building.

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