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~~~~A/n:Guys i know that i am updating pretty slow but please bare with cause I also have school and i know you might have heard this but I have many advance classes so we have shorter times to do projects and homework since they have high expectations for us.But i will be trying my best to update at least once or twice  a week.Also i am out of school so no finals for now and i will try my very best to update over christmas break.Guys do you think that i Should end the book now🤔. Thank you all love you all ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Now back to the story,😄~~~~


Omg why did i have to say that even though I don't have a boyfriend now I have to ask my best friend Lo (Logan) to tell him if could act being my boyfriend cause i don't want that the shit head to have a bigger ego knowing I lied to him.



What is it A

Well you know me and my big mouth

Oh nooo....did you...😂

Lo you are freaking dirty minded I did not do that what meant was that I said stupid things because of my big ego dummy 😭

Oh sorry A it was just when you said it sounded like that either way what did you say

Well cause you know that I told you about that aroggant bad boy in my school and his minions or friends

Yeah don't worry I will be transferring to your school in like today

That is great cause I said to him that I had a boyfriend so you are going to be my fake boyfriend....

Hello logan you still there....hey

Sorry but it just me a while to register it in my brain...

So will you help me please...😊

Do I even have a choice Amy

Nope not really so meet me today at the gym later after school to work out and talk about this plan more

Okay Amy see you there and you lucky that i am single and that I love you too much ❤

Aww i love you too logan 💋❤ my best friend

Love you to best friend gotta go now

Okie dokie see you later bye

Bye take care

CoNvErSaTiOn EnDeD

Okay so now that was all figured out i gotta go back to the shit of math. Ugh why do I have to have to math class this early.

When I finally reached my math class with Mr.pick I know right a weird name and he is old and grumpy like why do they have to hire really old people to be teachers if they can barely hear you and get crancky and mad easily. Well i guess it has its up and downs since they really dont give home work as younger teachers in this school.

I see the old guy and just go straight all the way back of the classroom in the edge by the window and oh yeah I forgot that I apparently have all classes with Alex why why why me and to see him seated next to my seat but i really enjoy being in the very back next to the window.

I sit down and grab my Iphone X and put my ear buds in and played my k-pop playlist cause I have a playlist for every catagorie like mexican music,k-pop,some rock,calm music,and many others that i love or really enjoy doing.😊

I don't pay attention and just wait for this bell to ring and get the hell out to my sweet sweet bed and my love for it is beyond.😝

I get my phone and get into my social medias like first went through snapchat and text my friends from all the schools i were kicked out and giving streaks back and posting pics of me I my story and than also went to my Instagram and posted of pics of me and in both my social medias got a lot of views and comments and likes on it.

I hear the bell ring which is the best but I forgot to mention the idiot moved it today but instead at lunch at the end of the day he said.

Logan arrived and we talked about the plan in more details and have really good ideas if we say so.Either way we both walked together and with me and Logan holding hands and getting to the meeting spot and saw that Alex still wasn't here so we just talked about so many more random things while we waited for the alex to arrive in the spot.

A/n note:so what so think is going to happen and comment more don't be shy cause i really love reading and interacting with my viewers and followers😊
But continue reading my cuties and comment what you guys would love to be called like a nickname for all of us and for me to call you guys that.


I am starting to fall for Amy and i don't know if it is good to or not but i want to be more than friends for sure.I just don't know how to confess to her about my may be thinking that it is to early but she is just perfect and that is the rwason why i am moving to her school so that i can stay by her side and to get closer to her.

I barely got out of my now old school since i am going to be attending Amy's school.When i got a called and it was from Amy i got so excited that i answered it quickly.

A/n:i know that it kind of short but it is about to be 1 am and I am tired but how did you react when i did Logan POV did you guys like and do you want me to make more about Logan POV comment if i should kinda of debating here thank you love you all 🕊🕊❤❤

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