Chapter 14 - We ride with the Tide

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Dianna knew she'd get in hot water for that.

Because the next thing she felt was a kick to her gut by Uma herself, she wrenched in pain and dropped to her knees as Uma cackled as did the rest of her crew. Dianna held the flames by its leash, she would save this fire for a later time; when she needed it most. Uma stopped laughing as she turned to Dianna with a smirk painted across her face, Uma kicked her again.

and again.

and again.

Dianna would remember this moment.

So she can make the same face when she burns Uma, her entire crew and her gods damned ship to the Hell damned ground.

"What's the matter Flame Princess? Can't take a little water? Show us how strong you are you little-"

"Uma, that's enough" said a male voice, Dianna couldn't make it out clearly, the ringing in her ears was too loud for her to properly hear anything. She turned to where she thought she heard that voice, but her vision was so blurred all she saw was a flash of a red coat, walking towards her, she then felt strong arms wrapped around her as they carried her up by her legs and back. The heat emanating from the arms soother the pain so much, Dianna couldn't help but to feel drowsy, she laid her head on the strangers shoulder and she swore she felt their lips on her forehead


Dianna awoke on a bed that she soon noticed didn't belong to her, she turned to her side to find another body laying next to her. Whatever fire she kept suppressed within her body completely extinguished at the sight of the pirate who lay next to her. Harry Hook looked so peaceful in his sleep that Dianna froze where she sat, so she moved the covers slowly, hoping she wouldn't wake him in the process.

"And where do you think you're going Lassie?" Dianna swore under her breath, she turned to the pirate who she now realised was half naked. He pulled the covers up to his neck as he stared at her with his daring smirk, it took everything in Dianna to not punch him in the face.

"I'm heading back to my apartment, I need to tell Maleficent what happened." Dianna stood up from his bed as she looked down and realised that she was wearing her pyjamas. Heat emanated from Dianna's hands as she let the fires glimmer on her palms.

"What. The. Hell. Am. I. Wearing." said Dianna, the fires in her palms glowed brighter.

"You're pyjamas? I thought you'd be more comfortable." said Harry.

"And how exactly did I get in my pyjamas?" replied Dianna, Harry said nothing as he smirked and turned his back to Dianna.

It took everything she had within her to not burn him and cooking him up to a crisp, so she took a deep breath and walked out before she got any angrier. 'This gods damned pirate will be the end of her' she thought to herself. Perhaps it was the way he looked at her, or the fact that he was an old friend.

for a moment, she swore she could feel a spark when their eyes met.


It took everything he had in him to not get up his bed and embrace her, took everything he had to not lay kisses on every single part of her.

Took everything in him to not ask why she walked away that night at the docks. 

He clutched the necklace that he wore every single day, he would never take it off. Uma hates it, because she knows that deep inside he still has feelings for Dianna. Though he would never admit it. 

He waited for god knows how long, and she's finally back home, with him.

and he still couldn't do anything.

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