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Bro, I can't believe you actually read it as soon as I handed it to you.
You looked so desperate and happy
I almost felt bad for what was gonna happen after you read it.
You were so happy and you ripped open the envelope
You looked at me and smiled
I rolled my eyes and let my head fall on the table.
If only you knew what was in there. Then you wouldn't be looking at me that way.
All though I wish you could. Cause let me tell ya something my beloved Namjoon,
Your smile makes me want to smile.
It makes me feel okay.
Even if it's only for a while.
But boy oh boy!
When you read the whole letter your face became so....
Shocked? Na.
Hurt? Maybe.
Empty? Definitely.
I looked back at you and watched as you crumpled the paper up and angrily stood up to throw it away.
But...that's not what really got my attention.
What did was your eyes.
The way they held emptiness,
There was truly nothing to be found in your eyes but the beautiful chcolate brown color.
I was surprised myself to know that I was the cause of it.
Just 0.004 seconds before you read the letter they held love and happiness. Your eyes held the world. But now, they hold nothing.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault that they do.
Well, it's my fault for a lot of shit to be honest.
The day after that your eyes held nothing but
Kim Namjoon,
Was very, very angry
And the whole world was able to see it.
I watches as kids parted way for you in the hallway once they looked at your face.
More specifically, your eyes.
You marched right up to me and did something
You yelled at me.
And for once
I felt guily
But is it bad that I liked it at the same time?

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