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"Girl please. The situations that went down while me and Nick were together are just gonna be ignored huh? So you never had a problem with me huh? Girl please i could tell you did. You were always all over Nick and always had his dick so far up your ass like girl you should be the last one to cry desperate. Those pictures ill admit are old but guess what i can still take your man hoe!! Hugs and Kisses!"
sahlt: the truth need to be out hunty😘

user1: ur honestly disgusting🤮

user2: ive never seen anyone with so little self respect😕

user3: yasss show that hoe😭

user4: ur queen idgaf what anyone has to say about it🤩🤩

user5: ur feelins hurt and ur mad that she wishes u the best😘😏

user6: ^in addition to that she also mad that jasmine didnt spazz out to make herself look dumb🤣

user7: this hoe mad annoyin🙄🙄

user8: u know what😂😂 this girl too funny

user9: 😍😍

user10: i wish u'd stfu and let her be great like gahlee🙄🙄


Ahhhhh I left yall on a cliffhanger but thats okay right!?

Anyways i bet yall glad i finally did some i promised to do right😂? I got me some wifi bc im at my sister house and she got some.

But anywaysss.....

Whats yall favorite food???

Mines is taco soup only made by my mama or my auntie(which is dead so my mama). Get that sour cream and cheese put it in there and get some chips and have yall ass a night! Everytime i tell these dumbasses in Texas that its my favorite food they go WhAt and im like TaCo SoUp look it tf up(hope im not offending any Texans readin this rn😂)!

Also when yall birthday??

Mines is Dec. 18 and yes i knowwwww me and nahmir is bday twins!!😭

But anyways...

Thank you💛

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