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"Sooo as yall know this female known as Sahlt posted some pictures of her and Nick. In the pictures it obviously looked like they were in a relationship, and the caption said something along the lines of "she'll take my man" quoting City Girls. As you guys also know me and Nick went public a couple days ago. So basically this female is trying to ruin our great relationship by putting out old pictures of them two when they were dating. Im not saying shes dumb but if she was smart she would know that i took most of the pics of them taken while they were at the house me and Nick shared. Now as always i never have a problem with anyone and now that ive been in so many situations similar to this one, i now know how to stay calm and deal with these things better. She can do whatever she wants but she should know that its only reflecting on her and shows just about how much character she has. Just as a reminder me and Nick are okay and hopefully we always will be. Love yall."
jasminek: tryna hurt somebody elses feelins only shows how much ur hurt💜💜

ybnnahmir: exactly why i love u❤❤

user1: u handled this sooo well

user2: omg u stayed so calm👏🏾👏🏾

user3: ugh get on somewhere🙄

user4: sahlt is trash

user5: yasss with the proper voice

user6: ^i guess usin a proper voice helps her maintain her calmness

user7: 👏🏾👏🏾👌🏽

sahlt: ur just so mad and thats honestly okay he aint gon do nothin but run back to me anyways
     jasminek: you're not doing anything but making yourself look desperate and thats honestly NOT okay. You shouldnt be so hung up over a man that dont want you. Go find somebody that truly does and thats what i honestly truly wish for you no funny shit🖤

user8: ^if he do run back she gon stand there with her arms wide tf open so...🙄

user9: ^^she killin em with kindess🤗💜

user10: this is why we all stan u👏🏾👏🏾💜


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