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ybnnahmir,iamcardib and 683,378 othersjasminek: awwww baby Kulture i so cuteeeee😻❤👼👼@iamcardib 54863 comments

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ybnnahmir,iamcardib and 683,378 others
jasminek: awwww baby Kulture i so cuteeeee😻❤👼👼

ybnnahmir: u tryna have my kids??😂

iamcardib: tysm❤❤

user1: that baby look just like Hennessy like omg😻😻

user2: she look like offset to me😍🤩

ybnalmightyjay: her baby and my baby could date😂😂

user3: isnt she lovely

user4: i hope my future baby this cute

user5: so theres Kulture, Future Jr, Chicago, North, Saint, Stormi, Blue Ivy, Rumi, Sir, Sir, etc. and the best one outta all these (to me) is Stormi😂🤦🏾‍♀️

user6: 😍😍

user7: she's beautiful

user8: is nobody gon talk about the fact the cardi and offset gettin a divorce
user7: no bc it aint our business

user9: yass queen she look like cardi and Hennessy🤩🤩

user10: whew i thought she wasnt showin her cause she was ugly but goddamn thats a beautiful child😍😍🤩🤗


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