Lucian's Love [ManxMan] {Oneshot}

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He was crazy in love with me-a little too crazy, in my opinion. I don't know what he saw, but it wasn't what happened.


Lucian Stafford was beautiful, to say the least. Those glimmering sapphire eyes of his always captivated me as I watched him from afar as he silently read, hoping one day he could fall for me as I had for him. He had been going to the same library as I had for the past two years and there wasn't a day where I wasn't entranced by his unparalleled beauty.

There was something about Lucian--something intangible, something that I couldn't quite figure out. It could have been his charming, white smile, the way his gorgeous, dirty blond hair was never out of place; it could have even been his warm personality. Whatever that something was, it hasn't failed to make me fall deeper and deeper for him.

But what would Lucian, as beautiful as he was, find in someone like me? He was a fully grown man, an Adonis, whereas I was just plain, simply eighteen and plain. My sandy brown hair was nothing too special; neither were my dark brown eyes, nor my freckled, pale face. On the other hand, Lucian was perfect. I envied him as much as I loved him.

I had no idea my love for him would become my worst nightmare, and it all began with a simple greeting.

I was sitting in a chair at the public library, alone and reading a really interesting book when he came up behind me.

"Excuse me?" a deep, enthralling voice said, catching me off guard.

Seeing as I was the only person in that area, aside from the old librarian, and the voice was directly behind me, I closed the book on my thumb and turned around. My heart caught in my throat and it suddenly became hard to breathe.

Lucian, Lucian Stafford was talking to me. Me?! That had to be some kind of realistic dream. He had never, ever spoken to me before that very moment. Of all the people in the world to talk to, he chose to speak to me. This was a dream come true.

"Y-y, uh, yes...?" I managed to choke out. My heart was pumping like mad inside my chest. What in god's name was I wearing? I internally prayed I didn't look like a piece of crap in front of him.

A look of concern showed on Lucian's face. "Are you okay? You look a little pale." My god, he was even more beautiful up close.

And he was concerned about my well-being?! I thought I was going to pass out. He is such a kind man. He didn't even know me and he was asking if I was okay. What a gentleman.

Trying not to sputter too much, all I could muster up was, "Fine... I'm totally fine!" Lucian had so much of my attention; I had unknowingly dropped the book and was entranced by his eyes.

He chuckled at my embarrassing behavior. It was one of the cutest chuckles I had ever heard in my life. "You're kind of adorable when you're at a loss for words," the hunk said, stuffing his hands in his pants pockets.

What did he just say? I asked myself internally. Everything stopped and I felt heat pool in my cheeks. He just called me adorable.

"I'm Lucian, if you didn't already know," I heard him say. He held his hand out and I gently shook it before letting go. "And you are?"

"L-Liam..." I murmured quietly.

"What was that?"

I spoke up. "Liam. U-um, Liam Miller."

He smiled a most dazzling smile-one that sent butterflies to roam around in my stomach. He was so gorgeous. I was in love with everything about him. I just wished he felt the same.

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