Chapter Twelve

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TWELVE  Natblidas

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(Sasha's POV)

My mind is wondering, all the possibility that it could've happened, and it happened that way. Lexa was shot, by her own flame keeper. She really was always too trusting. And the fact that he was still alive, really pushed my limits.

Especially when he was taking me to see Clarke, the one everyone called Wanheda. The fraud, more like. The only thing she was a commander of was her own ego.

I sigh, impatiently. "I suggest you hurry, flamekeeper. You're testing my patience."

The man grunts. "You and I both know, with Lexa gone you are not safe here. Ice Nation will have your head, Trikfecha."

My hand tightens on the sword holstered on my hip, I didn't trust him. And I was rethinking Ava's "suggestion" for me to stay and make sure Clarke didn't do anything stupid.

I've really have got to stop listening to her, but it was a good idea. Clarke was often doing stupid things.

The flamekeeper opens a door, and I warily follow him inside, spotting a familiar face but I can't quite get his name. He's Skaikru, and beside him is Clarke Griffin.

"What you've come here to finish the job? And brought some help I see?" The boy questions snarkly, in a way that makes me want to rip his tongue out. But that would be too Azgeda of me.

"No." The man replies. "I'm here to fulfill my vow to Lexa. Put these on." He hold out two robes to the Skaikru children. The boy puts it on quite quickly, however, Clarke doesn't move.

"Look, the door we've been banging on for the last twenty-four hours is open." The boy says, I stay quiet, but Clarke locks eyes with me. She almost seems heartbroken, but I really couldn't understand why. Unless...

Clarke throws the robe back at the Flamekeeper. I cross my arms over my chest. "You kill your commander." Clarke begins. "How are you still free?"

"He's the only flamekeeper." I finally speak. "As much as this scum, knows he should be punished, they need him for the conclave."

The Skaikru boy looks over at me. "And who are you?" He asks rather rudely, I tilt my head to the side. Before I can speak, Clarke cuts him off.

"She's an ally-"

"Not of you, Wanheda." I spit at her. Clarke grimaces at the name.

"Look," she walks forward. "Lexa made a deal with me, to make sure Skaikru would be protected and the 13th clan. So maybe you should honour-"

"You loved her, you foolish girl, didn't you?" I finally realise, the emotion she was showing reminded me of a time, years ago. Clarke shuts her mouth and turns away from me. Coward.

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