Chapter 20: Anchor

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"Up!" Hannah pointed to the hall, leading Lilianna to her room.

"Upstairs it is." Lilianna smiled at the girl, running away with the little girl who shrieked happily and clapped with excitement.

"She's a natural," Klein spoke as he entered the kitchen, a frilly pink backpack with a unicorn keychain slung over his shoulder.

"Thank god." Jeremiah and Terrence both sighed.

"Long time, no see brother." Klien greeted Terrence, shaking the criminal's hand.

"Same to you." Terrence nodded back. "I didn't get to say, I'm sorry about Ellen. I know she meant so much to you after your parents left."

"It's fine. I'm healing, and so is Maddy. He'll come around eventually but it'll take more time. Twin things." He waved off the man who had given his sister a house and a home to raise her kids in. "Besides, looks like someone upstairs has come to fill the gap."

"She's not here to be Hannah and Rochelle's mom." Brett reminded them.

"But that's what's going to happen." Commodore chuckled.

"Hey, if she can handle those girls when they get older the same way Ellen would have had to, I'll be happy. She's going to want to be there for them anyway, especially since she knows exactly what it's like for Hannah to lose her mom and grow up with only a father. She may say I'll do my girl justice but let's face it, how am I going to give her the puberty talk and explain safe sex and dating boys and all the girl things she'll face. I don't even know how to do it for a son." Jeremiah agreed.

"I didn't kidnap the love of my life for you to end up with a glorified nanny." Terrence snapped.

"Well, I mean in a sense you did. You brought a child deprived female into a house with a baby and an irresistibly adorable four-year-old, what did you think was going to happen?" Mikale pointed out.

"He's right." Otis nodded.

"That's the one difference between her and Annalise. She hated kids." Klein sighed. Terrence's eyes narrowed on the man.

"Watch it."

"Still sensitive?" Klein asked.

"He always will be." Commodore rolled his eyes.

"Can you blame him though? Annalise was pretty great." Jeremiah shrugged.

"You're right." Commodore agreed.

"Enough!" Terrence growled, glaring daggers at Commodore.

"Anywho," Jeremiah cleared his throat, turning back to his brother in law. "How was she at school today?"

"She was great. Listened well and got all her work done so there is no homework today."

"Thank god." Jeremiah sighed in relief. "I would've made Lilianna help her with it if she did. I don't have enough patience for teaching the alphabet."

"You're exploiting my women-" Terrence started.

"Don't finish that sentence," Otis warned.


"She is not your women yet, she would rather you be dead than in her life. Don't talk about her like that until she's willing to do the same for you." Otis snapped.

"You've got a soft spot for her, I see." Mathew smiled at his boyfriend.

"She's like Roxy, I have to be there for her like I was for her." He mumbled back. Mikale visibly tensed next to his twin.

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