im sorry...

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Hey guys!

Im sorry for not updating and i might not...well..yet.

The_Great_Milica knows the reason why i feel....'depressed'

Its not nothing with me but it is with my family.

So bank had decided to turn down our electricity for no reason.

We currently are sharing electricity with our kind neighbours but we will not be able to do it for long.

And the problem is mother is really upset.

She is yelling at me and my siblings, she is sleeping or just goes in her room and cries.

She even started to SMOKE more cigarates which upsets me cuz she promised she will stop.

Im sorry if I seem hypocrite but I hate smell of cigarete smoke and im scared for my mother's health-

I just don't know what to do anymore.

My father is...rilled up. He is also smoking, yelling at us but he is in better condition then mother.

And I dont know what can I do-

All I can do is to focus on my studies and take care of my siblings.

But I want to help my parents because it hurts to see someone who you love and they are breaking apart in front of you.

My uncle is helping us as much as he can but he also has got family to take care of.

Im sorry but im just a mess now and i still need to fix my grades which is pain in the ass....

My parents were talking about to move out back to our previus house.

Which is good cuz people there are less assholes but how are we gonna live?

We have nothing, sure, we have house but what is gonna keep us warm in winter?

My uncle us gonna put the central heating in our house but it will not gonna be enough....

Also, about posting.

Idk if I will have enough of strengh to write you guys chappies that yall need wait that long.

And im really sorry about this situation im in.
I might post something but rarely.

I will be active on social media's but idk if I will write.

Im sorry but please understand this.

I wish yall happy life.

Dw im not leaving Wattpad


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