Chapter 49

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All white surrounded her. 

Like it was a warm comforter, the same way a mother would console her child. 

A voice in the distance rings in her ears. 

Looking all around, there was nothing. Just nothingness. 

Softly, a hand touched her shoulder. Startled, she turned. "Mom?"

"Hi, honey." Everything was the same. No changes at all. Same smile, eyes, hair color. It was as though this was happening in real time. 

Gazing around again, it was a familiar scene. Peering around her, the pond from the demon's memories was twinkling in the sun, and the forest was as green and lush as ever. Like the first memory, there was no noise, except for the birds singing in the distance. 

"Mom, what's going on here?"

Sighing, she took her daughter's hand, leading her to a large rock. When Aylin sat down, it was warm from the sun, making her whole body feel good. 

"I suppose it's time for some truth."

"That would be nice," she sniped. 

Sensing her tone, a sigh escaped her lips. "I don't know what you've seen--"

"I can't believe anything he shows me. I need you to tell me what happened between you two." 

A sad look spread across her face. "Before I do, I need you to know that this was never supposed to happen. I thought I had taken care of this long ago. And, I don't ever want you to have any doubts that I loved your father." 

Raising a brow, Aylin was confused. "What are you talking about?" 

Taking a breath, she started. "As you may or may not know, I'm much older than I look. To be honest, I can't remember when I was born anymore. After awhile things just started to blur together. But what I can tell you is that meeting Zagan was a pure accident." 

"I don't understand. None of this makes sense anymore!" 

Squeezing her daughters hands, the woman resolved herself to the truth. "I am a direct descendant of the Mood Goddess, which means you are too. But, I was cursed to live a human life on Earth." 

"So, wait, wait! Wait a minute! Does that mean I'm only half wolf? What the hell is the rest of me then?" she yelled popping up off the rock.

Putting her hands up, the woman grabbed her daughter's hands, pulling her back down into the stone. "I'll get to that. What you really need to know is the connection I had with that demon." 

"Weren't you his mate?" 

"No, I wasn't." Looking out to the water, she recalled the memories. "We met right here, and yes, for a long time we were in love. He told me that he was a wolf, and he accepted that I was living as a human. One day, that all changed. He met the person who truly was his mate. And he did the worst thing a wolf could do, and rejected her. Told her that he didn't need anyone but me. I was always prepared to step aside when that day came. When he told me what happened, I almost immediately fell out of love with him. He was cruel to do that. Wolves have mates for a reason, it's the natural order." 

A sting went through Aylin's  heart thinking of her first mate who rejected her. She remembered how easy it was for him. Now that he was suffering, her feelings were a mess. She felt badly for him, but also realized that she didn't have to. 


"Oh, sorry," she said, hastily wiping away a tear. 

"I know what happened to you, but I'm glad you found yourself someone who truly loves you." 

Smiling slightly, another tear fell. "Keep telling me about him. How was he able to become a demon?" 

"Recalling correctly, he sought one out. Making a bargain with him. In exchange for his soul, he would be the Master Demon of Earth. Eventually having dominion over all beings, but his main goal was to eradicate werewolves, one pack at a time. At the same time he hunted me. I moved around, stayed away from packs, always on the look-out. When I met your Dad, it all changed. Your father fought tooth and nail to get me into Dark Moon. I was ecstatic when they accepted me."

"But then, the demon attacks started, didn't they?"

"Yes. I told your father the truth, and I expected to be outright rejected. Color me shocked and surprised when he didn't. Being one of their best fighters, he wanted to be honest with the Alpha. Instead of turning me away, the Alpha agreed. He forged the documents, stating that I was simply a wandering werewolf, and I found my mate in his pack." 

"So there was just lies and bullshit everywhere? He didn't even tell his own son about it all. He had to find out. Now he's suffering with the aftermath of his choices!" 

Calmly looking up, she looked at her child. "He made the decision to reject you. You can't feel guilty for that. Besides, you have your true mate in the Rogue King."

Steadying her breathing, Aylin continued to listen. "Six months after I was inducted into the pack, the attacks stopped. Incidentally, at that time, I was also pregnant with you. In hindsight, I should have realized it then." 

"Realized what?"

"His plan." 

Thinking back, she remembered what the lower demon said to her at Dark Moon. "Why did a demon tell me that I have demon blood inside me?" 

Shocked at the question, the woman resigned herself to revealing what happened. "When you were a toddler, you woke up in the middle of the night often. You wouldn't cry, but you'd wake. The only time you would cry is if you dropped your special pacifier." Taking a pause, she continued. "I heard you cry one night, but only for a second. I figured you found it, so I didn't think anything of it. Your father smelled it before I did." 

"Smelled what?" 

"The demon in your room. By morning the scent had faded, but it was just enough that he could smell it. You were still asleep, but there was dried blood on your lips. He snuck in to the house, and gave you his blood. Naturally, your father was besides himself, I was a wreck. We braced ourselves for a fight, but nothing happened. In fact, life continued on." 

"Why is it when I get angry it feels like there's something clawing inside me, then?" 

"The blood of a higher demon is much more potent than a lower. Growing up, you were always good at controlling your anger. Occasionally, you would act out, but nothing major. Right before the attack, you and your father had a screaming match." 

Sitting there listening, Aylin couldn't remember anything. "Why can't I remember this?" 

"Your fits would be similar to black out rage." 

Furrowing her brow, she considered that it made sense. The one time she became angry with Ezekiel, her memory was starting to get hazy. He was the only reason she didn't lose her mind. "What did we argue about?"

A smile came across her face. "You wanted to be like your Dad. Strong, independent. A warrior. Your father, trying to protect you without revealing the secret, told you no. When you became agitated, your eyes changed color. From their emerald green to black. There was a black mist that surrounded you, with a deathly aura. May have been part of the reason that your first shift was so difficult. Your body is constantly fighting between the wolf and the demon." 

There was no way that explanation made sense. "I only have one voice in my head, as crazy as that sounds. Wouldn't logic dictate that there be two?"

"Realistically, yes. However, if it's dormant long enough, it would take a great amount of energy to emerge. Thereby overriding the personality you have now."

"Well, what do I do if that happens?" 

"Nothing. You can never come back from that."

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