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Mehek sat nervously before the renowned gynecologist, Dr Harpreet Kaur. The fine lines on middle aged lady's face and her elegant grey hair were testimonies of  her success and experience in her career. She flipped through pages of Mehek's report and sighed. She sighed and took out her spectacles. Dr. Kaur gave a sympathetic look to Mehek with a weak smile as if gauging ways to disclose the news with minimal distress. "Ms. Sharma, you came alone. What about your family?", she tried to buy time. "I am an orphan, Doctor. I don't have anyone. I'm all alone", she told plainly yet firmly. Mehek had got accustomed to this bitter truth since long. Dr. Kaur still was unsure to proceed. Mehek gave a sweet smile, "You can tell it to me, Doctor. I am stronger than it looks". They both laughed slightly at her words. Dr.Kaur walked around the table came beside Mehek, "The results are not favourable, Mehek. It agrees to the diagnosis given by your previous doctors. Chances of you to biological give birth to a child is one in a million". Tears brimmed in Mehek's eyes but she faced it bravely, "So it is final. I can never be a mother".

 "I never said that Mehek. Adoption is an option. Besides if you can afford, surrogacy is also possible", Dr. Kaur informed her. "I understand, Doctor. But for me it still means that I can never be a mother. Family life is not in my cards", Mehek uttered sorrowfully. "Don't be silly, Mehek. You are healthy and capable of fulfilling physical needs of your partner. Inability to conceive cannot forbid you to have a married life", Dr. Kaur try to draw a silver line for Mehek. "True but....", Mehek left it unfinished and stood up to take her leave. "Thanks Doctor", she wanted to escape into solitude of her habitat. As she reached the door, Dr Kaur called her, "Mehek". She turned to face her doctor who didn't have the mask of professionalism but had motherly empathy , "Miracles do happen. Happiness creep into your life when you least expect it. I am sure you will one day find a man who truly loves you and cares about you". Mehek couldn't prevent her tears from spilling, "I know, Ma'am. Infact I already found him. But I am not worthy of him". She wiped her tears and walked out of consultation room keeping her head high.

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