Almost too late (40-year-old!Jacob x Reader)

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lovely- Billie Eilish and Khalid
breathin- ariana grande


"I always hated asylums."

My voice was a whisper compared to the echoes of the screams bouncing off the walls, and Evie's scoff joined the noises as she glanced back at you from her crouched position in front of you. She was kneeling over a blood stain on the floor, another one of the Ripper's victims that turned out to not be lucky enough to escape. "They crawled over to the wall and bled out here. What a monster, watching an innocent's life fade from their eyes." Evie muttered to herself, her blue/green eyes scanning over the stains and drag marks that led to the wall.

"He's here, Evie. We'll find him, this is all going to end tonight." You attempted to reassure her that Jack would meet the end of her blade, and you mentally prayed that Jacob was stowed somewhere around here as well. After he disappeared a month ago without a trace, you called Evie back to London to tell her the news and ask for her help in killing Jack and finding Jacob (alive, hopefully). "I hope you're right, Y/N." She stood up and turned to you, a mix of sorrow and fear swirling in her eyes. You could only nod as a reply, and Evie circled around you to look at the next message Jack left her.

"The basement, that's where he wants us to go." Evie blurted, her eyes squinting as she read the hidden message in Eagle Vision. "Of course it's in the basement." You muttered under your breath, and Evie glanced over at you as she walked past and headed out of the room presumably towards the basement. You and Evie worked your way through the halls and towards the basement stairs, running into a few escaped inmates from the asylum on the way. Taking them down with ease, you both eventually found the pathway down and stopped at the top of the stairs.

"We will find him, Y/N." Evie could see the emotion clearly painted on your face, the worry for Jacob overtook your usually reserved facial expression before you could keep it from appearing. She placed a gentle hand on your shoulder, nodding softly as if she was trying to believe the words herself. "I know. I just hope we find him alive." You didn't really look at Evie, you just kept your eyes on the stairs and how dark the entrance was and tried to calm your nerves before you went down. Evie didn't say anything to comfort you or try to make you feel better, because even she had no clue what was down here besides Jack.

She removed her hand from your shoulder and threw her hood over her brown locks, before crouching down and making her way down the stairs slowly. You didn't put on your hood like the older Frye twin, instead you just crouched down behind her and followed her down the dark stairway. Not even the sounds of footsteps could be heard as you both descended down towards where Jack wanted Evie. The light of the asylum quickly turned into torches along the old and crumbling walls, an almost orange glow emitting and making your heart speed up the deeper you went.

"God, I hate this. Why a basement? Why couldn't it have been somewhere nice and well lit? Not covered in cobwebs and-" Your mumbling was cut off when Evie abruptly stopped walking and turned back to glare at you, signaling you to stop talking and just follow her. Giving her an apologetic smile, she turned back around with a huff and stepped down the last few stairs of the spiral staircase. A cell sat to your left, and curiosity got the better of you and you peered into the cell through the barred up window.

A body sat slumped against the wall, leaning over as if the person was near death and out of energy. It was a man, that much you could tell in the dim light. He wore black and red robes, and had brown hair that was once probably slicked back but had a few strands hanging down into their face. "Oh my god." You muttered as your hands clasped around the bars of the cell window, your mind recognizing just exactly who the man was. "It's Jacob, Evie. We found him." You turned to look at her, a hopeful smile on your face and your eyes sparkling in the dim light of the basement.

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