Prologue: The Jester's Favorite

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I can still remember the first time I ever went to one of his shows. I had just turned eight around that time, and it was simply something to pass the time while I waited for mom to come take me home. He was the court jester, and all who could, from far across the kingdom, would come to his shows just to witness what he could do. He wasn't the magician, of course, but that didn't stop him from using his unique brand of magic in his acts. It was fun, and I enjoyed the show as best as I could, given that I could barely see anything due to my small size and being pushed to the back. 

Unfortunately, I still had to wait for mother for about another half hour? I'm not sure, I lost track of time. Mainly because the Jester ended up approaching me after the show, seeing as mostly everyone else has gone home.

"Is something the matter? You're quite too young to be here by yourself you know."

"Sorry, my momma is still busy with work, I can't go home without her."

"Ah I see, I see, you're from the court of hearts, yes?"

I was honestly surprised he knew what court I was from. He was always good at guessing things, as I would soon discover.

"How did you know?"

"Ah ah, telling how a trick is done ruins the mystery and thrill of it!"

He was quite a weird man, but little me from the past found him funny. He kept me company while I waited for my mom, and even showed me a new trick he was going to use in his next show. He had hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs all dance around me, spinning around and above my small build. My eyes must have been as bright as diamonds, a goofy, childlike smile on my face.

"Wow! That's amazing! What else can you do?"

"Hearts, diamonds, I can do anything you wish!"

It was the best time I had ever had, so much fun I had wished my mother had never come to get me. Sadly, that time did come, but I made a point to see his next show.

His shows were a daily thing, but he always found a new way to make people laugh, smile, or just flat out happy every time he performed. I managed to get up front and watch his shows at long last, and I was so ecstatic to watch him. 

Every day after his shows, he would always come see me and perform smaller acts for me, even when his friend Seam (I accidentally called him seam like a seam ripper and he was so angry about it that he made me say his name properly until I got it right on my own) was bugging him that they needed to go and rest. I never got to know the Jester's name and, looking back, I wish I had. 

He changed one day, started acting stranger and stranger than ever. The shows became less and less frequent the stranger his behavior became. From once a day, to once a week, to you'd be lucky to see his shows once a month. He even stopped performing for me, Seam pushing him away from everyone once he was done. I tried to ask what was going on but was met with nothing but a pitiful silence.

Nobody knows whatever happened to the Jester, trust me, I've asked everyone I could, even Seam before he suddenly vanished from the courts without a trace. It was never the same without the Jester's performances. He made young me smile, something that rarely ever happens anymore. 

The kingdom has grown darker, yet darker as time has continued on. Smiles are rare and far between, if at all. Hopelessness can be found around every single corner that you find, and many of the royal families ar on the run.

Only two remain in power, the King Of Spades and his son. The rest of the courts fled as fast as they could once they had heard their kings had been imprisoned, wanting to keep themselves alive and away from the new king's cruel prison.

I'm 23 now, on the run from a king that wants me dead and a kingdom that has long since betrayed any happiness I ever hoped for.

The only thing that brings me remote joy are the memories of the Jester and I.

I do wonder, what happened to that Jester...?


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