Falling In Love With A Jerk I Hate Chapter 8

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"Well, well. Thank you Miss Lawrence for the pleasure of your presence in my class. As I always say, better late than never!" Said my science teacher, M. Holbeck. He was standing before the blackboard, and I could see the chemical equations on the board, which said I had missed the lesson on an extremely important exam topic.

I became very frustrated, because now I had to copy off my best friend Sienna, from whom I wont get any further explanations, because she barely listened in class. I hope this time she didn't forget to write everything down. I swear, last year, I was absent from school, because I went to a dentist appointment, and she didn't even take the important information. All she copied off the teacher was what was not in the exam, and it was the first time in my life that I utterly failed one. Ugh, I can still remember my shock, when I read the questions. I can assure you I lectured Sienna for more than a week on how to properly take notes in class when I was absent.

But now back to the teacher, he looked at me with the happiest grin ever, but actually, I realized he was staring at something behind me, or should I say someone in particular. Carter Lowe. The one and only, the most arrogant, self-centered, jerk in the whole school. But that was unknown to every single person in this room, except me.

As if on cue, because I realized Mr. Hoyt could actually see Carter, which meant more or less half the class too, I shifted towards the students, and said, as a matter of fact, "Carter Lowe is gonna be studying with us in this school,..." I could hear them getting all excited over the fact that their idol was going to be part of this class. Geez just what I needed. " ...and he told me to ask you," I snickered " to accept him not as a celebrity but as a friend. "He also told me to tell you that he will not sign any autographs, and that he would like to be introduced as a normal teenager." Finished, and pretty anooyed with my speech, I faced the door, and I saw him as though the first time. He was handsome, that I had already said, but I gazed at his built, and I liked what I saw. His abs were clearly visible through his tight black shirt and he had large shoulders shaped for a football player. I wonder if he plays.

I guess he saw I was checking him out, because he winked at me, and that made me blush. I quickly turned around, embarrassed at the feelings I was developing for him. I mentally slapped myself, and buried them in the farthest corner of my mind. I needed to focus BIG TIME.

Carter entered gracefully, and blah blah blah, you know the scenario, which means I actually won the one sided bet I made with Carter, as to if his idea would work. NOT. Well too bad for him, I guess he deserved it. He used be as bait. Do I look like a worm to you?

I heard shrieks, and screams, and shouts, and everything a fan does in front of its idol. As I scanned the huge crowd around Carter, I saw Amber trying to rub herself all over him, and I could have sworn she looked at me with hatred at this exact moment. Ugh. I was nearly tempted to stuck out my tongue and tell her that I went more further with Carte, but I refrained myself. Glancing around the now half empty class, I spotted Sienna still seated at her desk, reading a book. Well looks like I'm not the only one who doesn't care. I smiled. No wonder we were best friends. I approached her and she looked up to me and greeted me with a smile. For like twenty minutes, the attention was still on Carter, but I was absorbed in a conversation with Sienna about how I got to me his counselor for the day.

"Wow, I feel you girl"

Did I fail to mention she was a bit weird? But that's why I like her. I smiled inwardly.

"I know, I mean why me? I don't even have time for this. With all that happened." My face sobered a bit, but only for a second, because Sienna told me a joke that made me laugh, which caught the attention of Carter.

He disengaged himself from the crowd of fans, and walked toward us. As if realizing that his class hour was nearly finished, Mr. Holberk demanded that everyone goes back to their desk quietly. I took my spot, as usual, next to Sienna, and Carter took the available one behind me. Ugh. Youpy!!!! I thought sarcastically.

I was facing the front of the class, and I got a bad feeling that Mr. Holbeck wasn't finished. As if he heard me, he glared at Carter and me, he said "Mr. Lowe, Miss Lawrence, I didn't forget that you came in late and disturbed my class. You know was is the consequence." I smiled, because I knew Carter had used what intelligence he had to ask the other class' teacher for a paper that excused our delay.

As if on cue, Carter got up and walked to the front of the room and gave the paper to Mr. Holbeck.

After reading it, he smiled admirably and said. "Good Mr. Lowe, I completely understand your predicament with the girls in Mrs. Martins class." Relief swept through me. I thought "Yes no detention", when I heard. "Miss Lawrence, you on the other hand were not excused and you will have DETENTION!!!! Tonight. I very disappointed. You were such a good student." He didn't look sorry, not at all.

My mind went blank. What? No this couldn't be happening. Maybe he misread or something. "But...but... don't I get immunity for being at the principal's or something?"

Taking this in consideration, Mr. Holbeck paused and finally said "Did the said principal give you a paper excusing your delay?" He was talking to me as an adult would a child.

"Um.... not but...."

"Well then, that's settled, DETENTION."

My vision started to blur. Through my tears, I noticed Carter took his place again behind me, and he had leaned over to whisper in my ear.

"Payback was SO sweet." He said huskily. I liked my lips, starting to get aroused. My tears were starting to gradually dry up. Then, after the effect his voice had on me, I got what he meant. "You should have seen your face" He added sarcastically.

WTF???????? I was furious. No. I was plotting bloody murder, and let me tell you that in my mind, he was already burning in hell.


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