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(This chapter speaks about things some people may find triggering, please don't get mad if my writing triggers you.)


Each day the pain only grew worse, it became unbearable.

His friends told him to get surgery, but did he want to risk losing all of his memories of Sero?

Nearly forget about him?

He didn't want to get surgery, but he didn't want to deal with the pain no longer.

Is Sero really worth the pain?

He didn't know.
Was desperately holding onto memories really worth risking his life?

Kaminari, soon came up with a better solution.

Why not end all of the pain and suffering all at once?

It's not like living would have much purpose after he got surgery. Plus, he'd die from this disease eventually anyway.

He didnt know how he'd do it, but he knew when he would.

December 7th, which was tomorrow.


Sero sat in his bedroom, he was sore from today's training and wanted to rest.

Kaminari hadn't responded to any of his texts in 4 days. When they were training, he looked more hurt than he ever has before.

Eyes dull, face blank.

Sero had a strange gut feeling, a feeling that something terrible was going to happen.

He didn't like the feeling, at all.

Sero picked up his phone, looking at the chat log.



Hey, Kami, im sorry for the pain i caused.

Just, get the surgery so i don't hurt you anymore..?


Read 5:56 pm.


Well, at least he read it, but still no response.

The raven haired boy sat in silence, staring at his phone screen. He had zoned out, and didn't notice the bar that showed Kaminari was typing.


I'd rather not. I'll be fine.



Kaminari typed, tears glossing his eyes, blurring his vision.

He knew he couldn't stand the pain another day, he looked to his bedroom door.

No one was home, just him.

It was the perfect time to do it.

He stood up from his bed and went into the kitchen. Searching through the medicine cabinet, grabbing out a random bottle.

There was other ways to do this, yes, but this was the only way he could do.

The blonde opened the bottle, staring at the white pills.

Tilting his head and the bottle, pouring out every pill into his mouth.

He sat there, in silence for a short moment.

He jumped at the sound of about 3 or more people banging at his door.

Loud yelling rang through his ears, making his headache worse.

Kaminari dropped the bottle and looked to the door, it soon being broken open, light coming from Bakugo's hands as the door opened.

Everyone yelled at once, louder than what Kaminari wished for.

His eyelids felt heavy, slowly closing and reopening, his vision going dark every once and awhile.

The disgusting taste of pills melting in his mouth, he could see a red head and a raven haired male run towards him.

His body went limp, falling back as he swallowed two of the pills. The blonde fell back into someone's arms, the sound of almost everyone he was close to yelling or moving around his kitchen.

Why? Why did they come?

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