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Rita Collin's POV

There isn't much that I remember about my childhood, really. I was, if I'm being honest with myself, pampered. I was spoilt silly by my parents from an early age and it's not hard to see why.

My name is Rita Juma- or rather, it was. My father, Yara Juma, is the CEO of Lago Oil. This made him one of the richest men in Nigeria and Africa combined.

My father never really spent much time with my sister or me. I spent most of my time with my mother who was also often busy with socialising and hosting parties, more concerned with her image as the wife of an oil tycoon than actually being a mother to her two children. But the time that she did spend with me, I cherished.

Every christmas, my father hosted a business dinner for his clients and associates held in our mansion at Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos. I found these events boring for the most part, but that night was different. That was the night I met Cameron Collins. It was a night I would never forget.

I had seen him from afar talking to one of the beautiful bimbos that usually attended the event. I had always wondered how such women were even able to attend the party and still have the time to flirt with men seeing as most of them were mere eye candies and arm trophies for the rich men who usually attended. I doubt they actually had the brains for business.

Now, I was even more annoyed to see that one of them was even talking to him.

All this jealousy for a stranger, I had thought to myself. But really, it wasn't my fault. He was, to me, and to other women I'm sure, the most handsome man I had ever had the honour to set my eyes upon. And also way out of my league.

His eyes were a very dark shade of brown and he had an intense stare, his skin the definition of melanin perfection, and the facial hairs surrounding his chin just made him all the more desirable to me.

He looked to be in his early twenties. And I was just seventeen years old, approaching eighteen. Way out of my league. But I wanted him anyway.

Imagine my girlish delight when my father had introduced Cameron Collins to me as the son of a business client. As a child who had attended an all girls school all of her life, this kind of thing was exciting to me.

My father had then not so subtly excused himself to go speak to his other guests. Looking back, I should have thought more about why my father who usually never allowed me to talk to boys my age had left me all alone with a full grown man. All night, Cameron didn't leave my side.

I got to know more about him. I found out that he was actually 21, four years older than I was. And also that he was taking over his father's company soon, hence my father introducing him as a client. Apparently, I had met his father before as he and my father were close friends. This had me wondering how we had never met. I would never had forgotten his face. But then he told me that be had been abroad for the past few years furthering his education which explained his slight british accent.

The attention which he had showered me with that night was flattering but then, eventually, the evening had to came to an end. He left, but not before we had exchanged numbers and I had received a promise from him to call me soon.

For someone like him, I had thought that his promise to call me soon actually meant never, seeing as he had more beautiful and mature women to speak to. But he surprised me by calling that night. And the night after. And so it went on and on.

Then, I had to leave for the United States a few months later for my studies. I felt sad that I would be leaving Cameron behind, that I wouldn't see him for years. Funny, a guy I had only known for a few months had me feeling so conflicted at that time whether I really needed to go abroad to study. I had developed deep feelings for him at that point and I greatly feared that he would find someone else and would stop contacting me over time.

But rather, to my surprise, our communication only increased. We would talk all day about nothing and everything. We didn't care about the time difference or that either of us had lives outside our phones. At least I almost didn't.

I was slowly and completely falling in love with him. My only hope back then was that he would catch me. How foolish of me.

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