Chapter 48

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Snapping her eyes open, Aylin slowly sat up. Once again, she was face to face with the one being she didn't want breathe the same air as. "I guess you heard me." Playing it cool, she couldn't let on how rattled she was truly feeling. "Surprised you came as quickly as you did." 

Confused, he side eyed the girl. "What are you plotting?"

"What makes you say that?"

"I have a few tricks up my sleeve that showed me whats happened as of late, but this is too easy. You're just here, defenseless. You truly expect me to believe that? My dear girl, you don't want to get on my bad side." 

Aylin changed the subject. "All those things you showed me, were they true? Or was it just some concoction of your mind? How you saw those things? Parts didn't make sense. Things that were said didn't add up." Without even having to look at him, Aylin could feel the demon becoming increasingly agitated with the accusations. "You see, we've waited so long for something to happen, that I'm starting to think you're just full of shit. And for another thing, I don't think my mother actually cared about you, I think she pitied you. That's why it was so easy for her to walk away." 

Zagan clenched his fist tightly, feeling his power surge through him. The more she spoke, the more he wanted to tear her heart out and show it to her. Or even better, tear out her mates heart out and watch it turn to ash. 

Crossing her arms, leaning against the window, she smirked at him. "Demon Master? If you had balls, they're long gone. Shriveled up, like that title you carry around." 

Unable to take it anymore, Zagan swung his arm up opening his fist. Her eyes grew wide seeing the reddish black mist emerge. Staying still, she wondered what her next move would be. But, when a maniacal smile came across his face, Aylin realized that this plan may not have been her best idea. 

"Think you can insult me?" Flicking his fingers outward, the mist wrapped itself around her neck, squeezing. "Thought you could make me stray from my goal, did you? Don't underestimate me." 

Clawing and scratching, Aylin was making no headway. 'K-Kaia, a little help, please.' In response, all she could hear was her whining. ',' she wheezed. 

Doors bursting open, the King entered the room. Seeing his mate being strangled almost sent him over the edge, but he remembered what she told him. 

'Remember, whatever he does or says, don't get angry. You'll be playing his game, if you do.'

Rather than speak, he threw the silver chains, wrapping it around his arm. Instantly, it started to burn his skin. "Now!"

More chains came flying through the air, wrapping around various parts of his body. Legs, arms, neck. Finally, he dropped Aylin. 

Scrambling away from him, she caught her breath. 'Something isn't right,' Kaia said.

'What do you mean? He's in chains.'

With the demon on his knees, the King was about to declare victory. Hysterical laughter left the demon, confusing the men. "What's so funny?!"

In a could of black smoke, the demon was gone. 

Coughing, hacking and sputtering, the men were taken by surprise. When it cleared, all that was left were the silver chains. 

"Zeke," Quill said, horrified look on his face. 

Following his eye line, the King's heart nearly stopped. Where Aylin should have been, she wasn't. All that was left was the ring. 

Clenching it in his fist, he could feel his eyes shift to black. Gritting his teeth, a roar left him that shook the walls of the castle. 


Peering down to the passed out woman in his arms, his goal was accomplished. Finally, she was in his grasp. There was only one thing left to do. 

"Why would you bring her here?" 

Ignoring the voice, he continued forward to his bedroom. Laying her down, he brushed the hair away from her face. 

"I ask again, why did you bring her here?" 

"Shut up," he growled. 

Laughing evilly, she trailed a finger down his arm. "Aren't I better than her?" 

Smacking her hand away, he sneered at her. "Oh fuck off, you aren't even real." Narrowing her eyes at him, the demon didn't even flinch. "Besides, once I change her fully, there'll be no need for you anymore. I just made you to fill the void, I stopped caring about you a long time ago." 

Moving his gaze from the sleeping girl to the makeshift woman, he didn't feel the same thing he did long ago. There was a time looking at her would make his heart thump, his palms sweaty, and he would trip over his words. Now, her eyes were lifeless, because she was indeed, simply, the reincarnated form of the woman he used to love. The only difference was that he was in control of her physical being. In reality, there was nothing left of the woman he was once knew. 

"Go away. I don't want your face to frighten her when she wakes up." 

"Asshole," she muttered, disappearing into thin air. 

For the time being, he went back to his throne room. It would be awhile before she woke up, and he didn't think being on top of her was the best way to adjust to her new living situation. 

"Master, has the Queen arrived?"

"Yes, but she's resting." 

"When will we have the ceremony?"

"It will be in three days, on the night of the full moon. And it's then that I will destroy the King." 

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