Jealousy and Happiness

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"Bella!" Rosalie came running into the room with Emmett not far behind her. I was watching as Bella clutched Mason to her chest unconsciously. She was probably scared they'd try to take him from her arms. All the nurses had been trying to do so since he'd been here. Why, I couldn't understand. I had given instructions to leave her and Mason be, but the nurses, especially that Lauren who'd tried to seduce me during the first few days of Bella's stay here.

"Hey Bells." Bella's eyes grew wider as she took in the frame of my best friend standing behind his wife. He could defiantly be a scary guy if you didn't know him.

"Um, hi," she watched them cautiously. I couldn't blame her. Rosalie was what you expected to see in a Victoria's Secret Catalog and Emmett was bigger than a body builder. Separately they were intimidating, together, they could almost be too much.

"Bella," I pulled her attention to me, knowing she'd be a little shocked, "This is your friend Rosalie and her husband Emmett."

Emmet looked at me, "Man, now that hurts." He looked back at Bella. "I'm not just Rose's husband. I've been your big brother for the last eight years."

Bella scrunched her eyebrows, "Are you my husband's brother?"

His laughter boomed through the room, "I guess you could say that. We've been like brothers since we were residents together in this hospital."

Rose sat down on the bed with Bella and rubbed her arm, "Ignore Emmett, he's full of himself."

Bella tried to concentrate on Rosalie, I'm sure trying to figure out how someone like her could possibly fit into her life. "Will you tell me something?" Rose nodded. "Tell me how we met or something we do or have done together."

Rosalie glanced at me before speaking. "We met right here in the hospital, though I'd actually seen you here several years before, and I'm sad to admit that I didn't like you at first." She looked deeply into Bella's eyes, trying to gauge her reaction. "It was ten years ago, before either of our husbands were even out of medical school. Before I'd even met Emmett." She reached back and clasped Emmett's hand. This was a hard story for her to tell, and that fact that she was willing to open old wounds just showed how much she really loved Bella.

"At the time, I was engaged to Royce King." She winced slightly at his name, but moved on. "I was here for a routine check up and I was sitting in the waiting room. That's when I saw you."

She laughed without humor. "It took me years to figure out why I didn't like you immediately. I was so jealous of you. You were rolled into the waiting room. There was bandaging over half of your visible skin. Even though you were in obvious pain, you were so happy. Dr. Cullen rolled you out to his son who leaned down to kiss you. You were both laughing like fools." A short laugh escaped her lips, but it sounded as if it might have been a sob. "Apparently, you were actually in the hospital visiting your now father-in-law and tripped in the waiting room and managed to bruise and cut most of your skin."

She looked down and Bella reached for her, "It was Royce wasn't it?" Bella looked deeply into her eyes. "He hurt you."

Rose nodded, tears in her eyes. "I was jealous of how happy you were, I thought I had the perfect life. I didn't think happiness was an option. I didn't know there were men who love the women they were with. I'd never seen what you had, and it hurt. I had thought that Royce was everything that I wanted. He was rich and handsome, and we would have made the most beautiful babies together. And that was really all I'd ever wanted."

"Did we talk?" Bella stroked Rosalie's arms comfortingly.

Rose shook her head, "I didn't talk to you until two years later. I actually met Emmett through you."

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