Chapter 1

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It was a perfectly normal day at 221b Baker Street, but John had had a really bad day at work and the small piece of patience he usually had for such a normal day was wearing thin. Very, very thin. So it should be completely understandable when the good doctor snapped.

It was his bloody right to snap from time to time. Normal his ass! This was absolutely intolerable and unbearable.

“Goddamn it, Sherlock!” John shouted furiously, standing in front of the opened fridge. Tapping his foot impatiently, he waited for an answer or better yet for the named person to step into the kitchen. No reply. No Sherlock came.

“Get you lazy ass here. Now!” he growled the last part. John’s voice was commanding and the consulting detective had learned that it was better to hurry up when John used that tone on him. The first time Sherlock had heard this tone was after he had accidentally burned a few of John’s jumpers. One experiment hasn’t quite gone as planned and they had unexpectedly caught fire. Sherlock had sought shelter in Mrs. Hudson’s kitchen, not reacting to John’s shouting, in exact that tone and ignoring the text messages he sent.

It had all ended with Sherlock’s violin being defenestrated.

The consulting detective hurried into the kitchen, after he had hid his new violin and stopped in the doorway. Just to make sure that John wasn’t planning to toss him out of the window. The poor violin had looked pretty battered afterwards. Sherlock eyed his flat mate suspiciously until he was sure that no physical harm would be done to him and approached John slowly.

“Is there any problem?” Sherlock had no clue what he did wrong this time. Was he supposed to buy milk? John narrowed his hazel eyes and simply pointed inside the fridge where his favourite teapot and one may add that it was the very last teapot this flat possessed, was. Filled with a human liver and some kind of alcoholic liquid.

“What in God’s name is this, Sherlock?” John asked him accusingly through gritted teeth.

“I do believe that you can see fairly well, John. It’s an experiment. A very important experiment which could be of immense help in a future case” Sherlock explained calmly with a raised eyebrow. It should be quite obvious. John growled warningly and took a step towards Sherlock. The other man didn’t flinch, still not understanding what the problem was.

“Your sodding experiment is in my favourite teapot and now I won’t be able to use it anymore. In my teapot, Sherlock! The very last teapot I had the pleasure to call mine!” John shouted furiously, grabbing the collar of Sherlock’s shirt roughly.

“Fine. I’ll buy you a new one or two if you want” Sherlock offered confused. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

“That’s not the point, Sherlock! I put up with your grumpy moods and your childish behavior. With your insults and your horrible violin playing in the middle of the night. I tolerate it when I try to talk to you and you ignore me” John spoke slowly, not yelling anymore but still sounding incredible pissed. He continued to rant about Sherlock’s intolerable habits.

“You know, I put up with all of them. All I had asked for in return was that you would stick to a few rules. One of them was ‘keep your experiments away from mythings’. I didn’t think that I was too much to ask for” John sighed “Maybe I expected too much from you” the good doctor said disappointed and let go of Sherlock’s collar. Sherlock flinched. He didn’t want to disappoint John. He wanted to meet and exceed John’s expectations so that he would be proud of him and praise Sherlock.

“I’m going out. Don’t know when I’ll come back” John grabbed his jacket and made his way out of the flat without looking at Sherlock again.  The door slammed shut.

“I am sorry, John” Sherlock whispered, still standing in the middle of the kitchen, looking at teapot.

Just as Sherlock was about to return to the living room, his mobile phone started to ring. The caller ID showed that it was Mycroft. What could his brother possibly want? Sherlock sighed and answered.

“What do you want Mycroft?”

“Sherlock, we have a problem. It’s John” Sherlock’s heart seemed to stop for a moment before it started to double its pace.

“What’s wrong with John? What happened?” Sherlock tried his hardest not to let any emotion show in his voice, but the panic still managed to seep through.

“The signal of his phone disappeared.  We should still be able to track him, even if he turned it off. You know what that means, Sherlock”

“Inform me immediately if you find something out” he hung up without waiting for Mycroft’s reply. Yes. Sherlock knew what that meant. Someone had abducted him and destroyed his cell phone. He started to pace through the empty flat, trying to calm himself down so that he could think clearly. Caring wasn’t an advantage. It clouded his mind. Slowed it down. Shut it down.

John was missing.


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