Chapter 3: Amusement [/]

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After serving them coffee, Anaeya returned back to her corner and watched them from the dark silently

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After serving them coffee, Anaeya returned back to her corner and watched them from the dark silently. Every now and then, one of the boys would glance back at her.

Especially Christopher.

It was unnerving and made her want to shrink further into the shadows or evaporate into thin air or even melt into the dull wallpaper.

"Well, any ideas? Anybody?" Mr. Sean asked, looking at everyone at the table. Nobody replied. "So, what are we going to do?"

"How about we film our concert here in Miami?" Joel suggested, playing with the rings on his fingers. "Its a win-win situation because it saves time."

"No, we already did that for Tan Facil," Richard said, shaking his head. "How about something new?"

"With choreography?" Zabdiel suggested, eyes drooping already. He leant on the table and lazily rest his head on his arm.

"What about we film some unique places in Miami?" Christopher said, enthusiastic. "There's some places that we have not visited the last time. Maybe we could explore a bit."

"Like?" Renato murmured.

The boys just shrugged, murmuring to each other in spanish. Clara shook her head in frustration as Renato tried to calm everyone down.

"How about the beach?" Anaeya said, out of the sudden. Everyone turned to look at her where she stood in the corner. "The city's subway would do too. It has a nice vibe."

"And you are?" Clara asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Um, sorry. I just serve coffee, that's all," Anaeya replied, fiddling with the hem of her shirt. "My opinion doesn't matter but there's also a new art gallery in the city if you want to know."

Clara nodded, smiling. "Not bad. I mean, its a great idea. We've never filmed at an art gallery before. Smart girl, don't just stand there. Come and sit with us."

Anaeya glanced at her boss for permission and found him nodding.


Anaeya was about to sit next to Clara when Christopher suddenly stood up, startling everyone in the room. He seemed jittery, for some unknown reason.

"How about you sit here?" he offered, moving to get the chair next to Clara. "I'll get another chair and join you."

"Ay, mami!" Zabdiel murmured, massaging his forehead. "Chris solo tuvo que coquetear con la chica." Richard and Joel laughed.

"Que?" Christopher answered, defending himself. "Solo estoy siendo educado."

Anaeya bit her lip to hid her smile and turned to look at her boss instead, catching Clara's eye. The lady was simply amused. "They're always like that. Ignore them." She nodded.

"What's art gallery?" Erick asked, confused. "What's that?"

"Es un lugar donde... uh.." Richard trailed off. "Zabdiel, explain to him what's an art gallery."

"Bro, mi Inglés es malo," his friend replied. Then, Zabdiel turned to look at Mr Sean apologetically. "Lo siento. My English bad."

"Galería de arte," Anaeya explained. "Es donde se exhiben pinturas y esculturas."

Everyone stared at her in bewilderment, except Mr Sean.

"You speak spanish?" Richard said, shocked. "Mierda, does that mean.. "

"I was born in San Francisco but raised in Mexico," Anaeya answered, feeling awkward. "Pardon me but my English is way better than Spanish because I used to work at Sony Music in San Francisco before I came here."

"Mexico. My ancestors are from there too," Joel murmured, excited. "Where do you stay? I mean, used to stay. Or if you have any relatives."


"Mierda, that meant yo-" Christopher trailed off when someone suddenly knocked on the door violently and came bursting in like a hurricane.

"I'm sorry, sir! The taxi broke down!" It was Sylvia. She looked like she had came out from a storm. "It just started drizzling but I'm just slightly.. " she trailed off when she glanced around the room. "F***! CNCO!"

Anaeya facepalmed, then softly murmured,
"Right, cursing in front of the celebrities. Way to start your first day at work."

Suprisingly, Mr Sean didn't react as much as the rest of them in the room to the sudden outburst. Instead, he leant back against his chair, looking ease.

"You okay, kid?" Mr Sean asked. "Are you lost?"

"Sir, she's not lost. This is Sylvia, my friend," Anaeya explained, smiling. Then, she turned her head towards Sylvia and gave her glare, mouthing, "Shut up!"

Sylvia cleared her throat, shaking her head. Then, she glanced at their boss and said, "Actually, there's someone outside. William, I think? He asked me to inform you that the studio is ready for the guests."

"Excellent!" Mr. Sean said, clamping his hands together as he straightened. "We'll have you on air today. Are you guys okay with that?"

"Yea, sure," Joel said, calmly.

"Cool man," Richard replied.

"Let's go," Mr Sean muttered, standing up. "Anaeya, could you come by the studio later? I need to you pass the paperwork to Devvy."

"Sure," Anaeya said. She pulled Sylvia by the sleeve, opened the door and dragged her protesting friend out of the room.

She closed the door behind her.

"What are you doing?" Sylvia said, eyes wide. "That was CNCO. Didn't you see that Christopher was waving at us? He was waving at you!"

Thankfully, the walkways were empty. Anaeya sighed and massaged her temples. Suddenly, her friend grabbed for her hands.

"Anaeya. That was CNCO!" Sylvia squealed, jumping as she held her friends hand. "Joel is in the room! Oh god, Joel saw me. Like I wasn't invisible, Ana."

"Hmm," Anaeya nodded.

"F***, my outfit," Sylvia said, looking down at her clothes. Then, she glanced at her friend for approval with a nervous smile. "Do I look good?"

"Should I lie or tell the truth?" Anaeya quirked a smile.


"Fine," Anaeya said, then hesitating. "You look good."


"That is if you cosplayed as a nymph or pixie, of course," Anaeya added, earning a pinch in the arm.

She slapped her friends fingers away and stuck a tongue out, both of them broke down laughing.

The door knob turned and they both stared at each other before running away. Before they made a turn down the hall, she heard Joel speaking.

"Mr. Sean, I think the roof is leaking. The carpets wet here."


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