The man in the basement

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<3 Warning: Some might find the contents of this chapter slightly disturbing... (Sorry, I was a bit to lazy to sensure out the fun bits this time...)

Oh... and please dont hesitate to come with any questions, suggestions, or reactions that you might have when you read this book. ^^ (all feedback is welcome)

Happy reading... <3

The rest of the evening was nothing but a horrible mess. Bryan continued to prepare dinner as if nothing had happened at all, while I sat on the floor, crying my heart out like the whole world had just collapsed around me.

But eventually you will run out of tears to shed, and thats just what happened. My tears just suddenly stopped, and so did my reason for sitting on the floor. So I slowly scrambled up, and moved over to the kitchen chair, where I sat down. Ironically it was just in time for dinner. Yeah... We still ate dinner together.

None of us uttered a single word the entire time we ate. We both just sat there lost in our own thoughts, in our own misery, the silence between us was becoming more and more unbearable by the minute. But neither one of us could be bothered to break the silence, breaking it would be like admitting some sort of defeat, admitting a loss.

I had barely finished eating, when Bryan removed the empty plate from in front of me, and continued on with the dishes. He had finished eating ages ago, and had already washed all of the other dishes, only mine remained.

"Go get changed, and go to bed." His cold, unyielding voice finaly broke the heavy silence, but did nothing to ease the suffering that had grown between us. He hadnt turned around as he delivered his cold command, he had just continued scrubbing away on the plate that I had used, like he couldnt be bothered to actually face me at all.

I glanced up at the clock that hung on the wall right beside the open doorway that lead out into the hall beyond. It was barely half past seven. He was sending me off to bed early like some sort of misbehaved child.

I didnt argue with him, I just stood up, and left. No more words passed between us, not a sound.

I cried myself to sleep that night, my previously empty well of tears had already been replenished in full.


I was numb when I awoke the next morning, my mind was still drained from all the crying I had been doing. I looked over, and saw that the side next to me remained untouched. He hadnt come to bed last night at all. It seemed like he had either wanted to avoid me all together, and slept on the couch in the livingroom, or that he had "worked" the whole night through. I hoped that it was the first one, the latter just... it was just to sick, to cruel, to twisted. I couldnt let my mind linger on those thought any longer than strictly necessary, because they would break me, destroy me little by little until only this hollow shell was left behind.

I slipped out of bed, and made my way to the bathroom, nature was calling as usual, clamping down hard on my bladder.

I froze as my eyes took in my own reflection in the mirror above the sink, my urgent need to use the toilet was completely forgotten as my eyes took in the harrowing picture before me. I looked like a doll straight out of hell. My eyes where red rimmed and baggy from lack of sleep, my skin was pasty white, my hair stood up at all angles, and a dark purple mark marred the skin right above my collarbone. I looked sad, depressed, and right out ruined. I had tried to avoid the mirrors in the house for a long time now, but it seemed like everything had just caught up to me, and I could no longer avoid it.

I held back the tears that threatened to spill over once more, my previous numbness was replaced by a sick feeling of despair. I prefered the numbness. I would rather not feel at all than to have to feel this.

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