Chapter 4

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-Joe's POV-

My eyes slowly opened and I immediately closed them, the sunlight peeking through the window causing my head to throb. I guess I got more drunk than I had thought last night. I remembered Caspar quite poorly denighing his love for my sister. He was a terrible liar and it was obvious he liked her. Great. Not only did I embarass myself by confessing to him, but to make things even more awkward it was my sister he was in love with. When Marcus said he didn't believe Caspar, Caspar didn't even bother to denigh it a second time.

My heart ached with sadness, but I tried to ignore it. I didn't remember anything else from that night, and frankly I didn't want too. I assumed Caspar had spent the rest of the night flirting with Zoe. It made me mad that Caspar liked Zoe. He knew I liked him and he goes for my SISTER. Who has a boyfriend.

I didn't even care that we were hardly friends anymore, I was too mad at him. He was a sad excuse for a human. I hated him. But I hated myself even more because I knew I was in love with him still.

I went into the kitchen, Caspar was no where to be seen. Thank the Lord. But there was a plate on the table, with a sticky note next to it with my name on it. Two eggs and a slice of bacon sat on the plate mocking me. I sat at the table ignored my hatred for Caspar Lee for a couple minutes as I ate the food he made. The eggs were undercooked and the bacon was burnt, but I couldn't help but feel happy.

It was the stupid shit like this that Caspar did that made me love him. Is he trying to kill my heart? Cruel.

I went back to my room and sat on my bed as I realized something. Maybe I wasn't in love with Caspar at all. I mean I hadn't really thought about my feelings a whole lot before I confessed. Maybe I just let myself think I liked him after I confessed. To be honest, the feelings I had for Caspar were different than the feelings I had for previous girlfriends.

I felt much better putting my feelings at rest. Caspar was my best friend and nothing more. I didn't have feelings for him. We could go back to being friends again. I didn't have to hate him.

I laughed at myself for being so stupid as to think I liked him. I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulder.

-- A/N I know this chapter is really short and I'm sorry. But I'm having a little bit of writers block. I might mnake next chapter another Joe's POV because this was so short. Not sure yet

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