Chapter 2

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-Joe's POV-

I had been standing in Caspar's doorway, reeking of sweat for a whole two seconds before Cas abruptly said, "I like you."

I'd sorta been crushing on Caspar for a while now, and I hadn't been able to sort out my feelings yet. It was all so confusing to me. But seeing Caspar's face redden, his voice shake nearvously, I was able to confirm my feelings a bit more.

"I like you too, Caspar." I said, my mind wandering. Would we be a couple? How long would we last? Would we go public? A huge rush of excitement flew over me.

Caspar saw my face and said suddenly, "I think you meant something different when you just said you liked me. The way we like eachother isn't the same-"

"I know." I replied just to stop him from continuing talking. I knew anything he said would just embarass me more. He just said he liked me in a casual way, the way friends say it. But of course I had jumped to conclusions and assumed he was confessing and confessed back. He must have seen my face. He must have known I was confessing when he rushed to say he didn't like me in that way. Joe Sugg you've really done it this time, I said, and I raced out of the room.

I turned on the shower, and went through the motions numbly, washing myself, drying myself, getting dressed. I flopped onto my bed, wondering what would happen to Cas and I.

I didn't want to end our friendship, he was the closest person to me next to my family. But he's probably disgusted by me now. Shit Joe! I banged my head into the pillow.

I heard a knock at the door. "Joe?" I heard Caspar's voice throught the door. He sounded nearvous.

"Come in." I said, forcing myself to sit up.

"I'm sorry about what happened. I'm really embarrassed," He's embarrassed? Ha, not nearly as much as me, "I hope we can stay friends even if I like you in a different way than you like me." He said, his tone serious. It wasn't often that I heard Cas talk in a serious tone. To be quite honest, I found his voice sexy when he talked like that, I just wish he wasn't saying what he was to me. I wanted to climb in a hole and die.

"Joe?" Caspar said, and I realized I hadn't replied to him.

"Yeah. Friends. I'd like to keep being friends."

"Great." Caspar said, but this time his voice wasn't sincere. He was probably disgusted by me and just being kind so being roommates wouldn't be awkward.

-- A/N Sorry if the chapters seem short, I'm planning on making them much longer soon.

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