Chapter 1

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-Caspar's POV-

"Come on!" Zoe said, nudging me encouragingly, "We both know there's someone you like and you're hiding it from me." She pouted.

"Whatttt? I'm not hidding anything!" I said, but I knew how unconvincing the words sounded as soon as they slipped from my mouth.

"You can trust me Caspar." Zoe said, her tone turning serious, "But, if you don't want to tell me I understand." Her face fell a little, I could tell she was thinking I didn't trust her.

I buried my face in my hands, "I want to tell you, it's just... not easy." I murmered. Zoe only nodded. I could tell she was a bit taken aback at how serious I was being.

"Zoe... I'm gay." I blurted out, my face burning.

Her arms wrapped around me, embrasing me in a warm hug, I looked up to see her expression and she was smiling, "I knew it." She said, her tone light and accepting, "So who's the lucky guy you like?"

"Argggg," I moaned, shaking my head, "If it were any other guy I would be able to tell you."

Zoe hugged me tighter, as she whispered in my ear, "It's Joe, isn't it?" I could feel her smile in her voice.

An embarrassed tear slipped from my eye, "Is it that easy to tell?" I asked, as I felt the tear slip down my cheek onto her shirt.

"I just read you easily. But more importantly, does he know?" She asked, pulling away slightly from the hug only enough so she could see my face.

I shook my head, "I don't want to destroy the friendship we have. I already know he's not gay, and even if he was he would never feel that way about me."

"Caspar come on! You and I both know that even if Joe didn't feel the same way, he'd still be completely accepting and you'd maintain your friendship! Tell him soon before it's too late, you're a great guy and I've seen the way Joe looks at you. Please go for it."

It took a minute for Zoe's words to sink in, "Alright." I said finally.

Zoe hugged me one last time, "I believe in you Caspar." She said soothingly, "But I have to go! Good luck, love ya!" She said, and the next instant she was out the door.

I knew she was right of course. Even if Joe- Scratch that of course Joe wouldn't like me. But telling him how I feel would be like lifting a huge weight off my chest, hearing his rejection would be hard but it would help me move on to someone else. And I knew Joe was too nice a guy not to be accepting and maintain being friends with me.

I went into my room and left the door open so I'd be able to hear when Joe came home. I opened my laptop and scrolled through twitter, nearvous and anxiously. I didn't know what I'd say to Joe, and planning it out would only make me more nearvous so I decided to say whatever came to mind. About an hour later I heard the click of the front door open, and I sat up straighter.

I heard the shuffling sounds of Joe taking off his shoes, and his footsteps coming down the hall. Joe's perfect face popped into my door, "I'm home." He said, and I could see him turning around.

"Joe. Wait." I said, my voice cracking slightly.

"What is it Cas, I really need to take a shower and change my clothes." Joe said, turning back around so his entire body was visible in the doorway.

"I like you." I said suddenly. Crap. I know I said I wouldn't plan things out, but if I were to plan things, blurting out 'I like you' would be the last of my options. Stupid stupid stupid.

Joe stood there for a moment, and I couldn't read his expression. "I like you too, Caspar." He said, suddenly breaking the tention. Oh my God. Did he just? I immediately stopped my mind from wandering too far. He meant it in a friend way. He hadn't realized I had just confessed he thought I was saying it in a friendly way.

"I think you meant something different when you just said you liked me. The way we like eachother isn't the same-" I started saying, trying to tell him that the way I like him was more than a friend.

"I know." He said, cutting me off. His expression showed a hint of sadness? He looked almost embarrased. "Well, see ya." He said, as he rushed out.

Oh my God. He had just rejected me. He knew I was going to confess but he cut me off. Then he looked sad because I had just ruined out friendship. I'm an idiot. What have I done?

-- Authors note: Sooo this is my first ever fanfiction! I'm a hugggee fan of Jaspar however I'm not very expierenced with writing fanfiction so please no hate! But I'd love constructive critisism to help me make the story better :D

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