Chapter 27

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Covenant POV

The prophet of Judgement is meditate his mind to focus on his goal to defeat his enemies and take a planet by force instead of glassing it. Though, he wanted to glass the Remnant but he need a place to settle so he can make an army and take control of the planet. As he meditate his mind, someone is calling at him.

???:" Noble prophet of Judgement, may I come in?"

The prophet of Judgement:
"You may come."

He said. The door is open to see Gork'Laok enter his room. Then, he said to his leader.

Gork:" My prophet, may I wish to speak with you."

The prophet of Judgement:
"Very well. What is it?"

Gork:" I'm just wondering, why not just glassed the planet. We could kill our enemies, including the natives and it will be nothing left of our problems."

The prophet of Judgement:
" I know that, Gork. But, Shipmaster Sao told me that we detected a forerunner signal somewhere in that planet."

Gork:" What! The forerunner structures are there in that planet!"

The prophet of Judgement:
" Yes. There are hidden so no one will find it. Gork, if we take the relic of the gods we can use it against our enemies and enslaved the natives to work with us."

Gork:" So that's why you don't want to glass that planet."

The prophet of Judgement:
" Exactly. That is why I sent you and your men to find a holy structure and get the relic before the humans & heretics get on them first. This is only opportunity to achieve our goal for the gods. For the covenant. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Gork:" I understand, noble prophet. When we will go down there?"

The prophet of Judgement:
" Now. Sent your men and get that relic from each hidden holy structure in that planet. If our enemies founds it, kill them."

Gork:" As you wish, noble prophet."

He said as he went out to his mission. The prophet went back to meditate of his mind for peaceful time.


I walked through the hallway to see a human named Dr. William of how he's working on. As I enter, I see the engineers helping him of his project when they notice me coming. Then, he said to me.

Dr. William:" L-Look I did what you said. Just give me time to prepare this p-project."

Sao:" I just come here to see if you're working or not. I want to see if our project works to fight against our enemies, including yours."

Dr. William:" S-Sure. It just take some time to finish it."

Sao:" You better be. The prophet wanted to test it if it's works. If not, you will be disappointing by our leader and I'll will impale you with my sword."

Dr.William:" I-I understand. Just please, give me some time."

He said. I went out of his laboratory room and went back to bridge room. As I went there, I walked up to see a view of the planet called Remnant. I've been thinking that this planet haven't been seen by us during the war. If the prophet of Truth seen this, we'll glassed it at once. But we were surprised that there's a hidden holy structure within the planet filled with humans and hybrid humans called faunus. I'm curious of how did they born like this? Bah! Doesn't matter, once we take their planet of our own, we'll create a new covenant empire so we take revenge on our humans and heretics. Then, I went to my sit and sat there as I check to see anything are fine here.

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