Chapter 19

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Mina's POV

"Ringgg...ringgg.." I was woken by Chaeyoung's alarm.

His alarm is still set to 6.00am for school. Today is weekend so there is no school. I decided to look around Chaeyoung's room since I had never explore his room.

I was walking around his room when I found 2 stuff toy tiger. I recognize it.

Amusement park ( chapter 12 )

When we reach the amusement park, I was eyeing one of the game booth..I wasn't eyeing the game but the prizes. It was a penguin stuff toy..

"You want the stuff toy??" Chaeyoung ask me

I looked at Chaeyoung as I nodded like a child.

He walked up to the booth and played two round and won twice. Not only did he claimed the stuff toy penguin, he also claimed the stuff toy tiger. He gave the penguin to me as we continue our activity.

*end of flashback*

And another tiger..

12 years ago

"HAPPY SIXTH BIRTHDAY CHAEYOUNG AHHH..." I shouted as I enter Chaeyoung house.

Chaeyoung is having his sixth birthday celebration. He invited to me his house to celebrate with him.

"Mina, you're here..Come play with me.." Chaeyoung said

I ran towards him and gave him a hug. I kissed his cheeks as I said,

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAEYOUNG..I BOUGHT YOU SOMETHING." I said as I continue showering kisses on his cheeks

He took my gift from my hand and opened it.

"ITS A STUFF TOY TIGER. THANK YOU MINARI. I LOVE IT." Chaeyoung said as he hugged me back.

*end of flashback*

I took the two tiger and sniffed it. It had Chaeyoung's scent.

"You're not gonna forget me right? We promised to always remember each other.. please wake up.. I love you. " I said myself

I sat on his bed, eyes closed. My chest heaved with a quiet sob, and tears welled up behind my eyelids, slipping down my cheeks without resistance. Another sob wracked me, followed by a thin wail. I curled on my side and wept, shoulders heaving.

"Mina yahh...Stop crying already.." Nayeon came into the room.

Nayeon came to hug me as I hugged back.

"N-nayeon, w-w-what i-if C-Chaeyoung forgot a-about m-me, a-about u-u-us??" I said as I cried on Nayeon's shoulder.

"He will not forget about you. But...if he did, we will help him regain his memory." Nayeon said

"Stop crying now. You need to be strong for Chaeyoung right? Now, go down stairs and eat breakfast okay?" Nayeon said as she broke the hug and wiped my tears

"I don't wanna eat.." I said like a whisper.

"YOU DON'T WANNA EAT?? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?? Chaeyoung wouldn't like to see you like this. So stop being like this. You need to be strong for Chaeyoung." Jeongyeon came inside the room shouting.

"If you don't wanna eat, then I wouldn't allow you to meet Chaeyoung." Jeongyeon raged as he storm out of the room.

Nayeon follow him to calm him down.

'Chaeyoung wouldn't like to see you like this.....

You need to be strong for Chaeyoung...' I thought about what Jeongyeon said.

I went down stairs and saw pancakes on the table. My friends and Chaeyoung's friend are all eating.

"Come and eat, Mina" Momo said as he gobble up his food

"HAHAHA...Don't choke.." I laughed

Time skip

I finished my food and was planning to go to the hospital to meet Chaeyoung.

"Hey..Mina..I am sorry I stouted at you just now.." Jeongyeon said to me

"Its okay....Thanks for the scolding though... Haha.." I said as I gave him a smile

Time skip

I bought some flower for Chaeyoung as I went to the hospital.

When I reach the hospital, I was brought back to reality when the aseptic smell of carbolic acid and the distracting smell of flowers enter my nose.

"Hi..Do you know which room is Son Chaeyoung in?" I said to the nurse on the counter

"He is in ICU room 324.." The nurse said

I walked towards him room.

I finally reach the door, brown and dull like all the others, but I can already see people inside. "Well, here we are," the nurse smiles kindly and opens the door wider. Doctors and nurses surrounded his hospital bed for check up. IV's, heart monitors and oxygen tanks are all attached on him. I decide to explore the room while the other people are still crowded around him. An old TV set hangs from the ceiling. A window giving me a view of the world below was just beneath the screen. In the corner are two chairs. It was a typical hospital room, sparse and functional. I sat myself next to Chaeyoung and stared at him.

Tears spilled down my cheeks, not a waterfall but a trickle. I didn't look at him, didn't dare to look back at him, in fear of the pain he was causing me just by not being conscious.

He was laying in bed, eyes closed. Not moving at all. Just his chest moving up and down because of breathing.

"Chaeyoung ahh...Jagiya...When are you gonna wake up? I miss you...I love you... Please wake up soon.." I said as I held his hand.

He's hand was still the same.


He's face was still the same.

Same old jaw line that cuts..

Same old handsome face..


With a hint of paleness...

His lips are slightly white...

His face too...

"Mina...Be strong..He will wake up one day.." Jeongyeon said as pat my back.

My friends also came and hugged me while the boys gave me a pat on my back.

"Hwaiting..You can overcome this.." Jeongyeon said

I gave them a nod and a smile as I continue looking at Chaeyoung praying for him to wake up soon..

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