Chapter 16 : My Friend

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Taehyung's POV
I suddenly heard soft sobs coming from Irene. I moved back and looked at her. She was crying... Why? Did I do something wrong? "Y-yah... Why are you crying?" I suddenly felt guilty as I stood up and helped her to sit up. "Mianhae..." I apologized and felt sad inside. She just nodded slowly and stood up. "Sorry for acting like that..." I said again before standing up.

You were too harsh on her...

That sentence suddenly appeared in my mind. What is happening to me? "W-wanna have lunch?" I asked. She looked at me and gave a warm smile as I saw her eyes which were puffy after crying. She nodded slowly but didn't say a single word. We stood up and get ready to go out from the house. "Wait..." I said as I stopped walking. She stopped walking and looked at me. "Hmm?" She said. "W-wanna watch a movie tonight?" I suddenly invited her as I suddenly felt nervous. Why am I stuttering? I'm just embarrassing myself.

"I-if you don't want then that's fine... I can just invite Jungk-" "Sure why not?" She suddenly replied which her answer was quite unexpected. "O-oh?" I said. "But I don't want to watch together. Invite some other people too..." She told me. I nodded and took out my phone and texted Jungkook, my best friend. "Okay, let's have lunch now." I said before leaving the house with her.

"Taehyung? And..." We heard a man's voice and turned to the owner of the voice. "Annyeonghaseyo." She greeted politely as she bowed to the man. "Hey Namjoon." I said and flashed a smile to him. "Ohhh who's this pretty lady? Your girlfriend?" Namjoon said as he looked at Irene from to the top to bottom. He seemed to be admiring her... Somehow my heart just felt burning...

"Annyeonghaseyo my name is Bae Irene, Taehyung's secretary." Irene said. "Bae Irene? Nice name... My name is Kim Namjoon." He said as he took out his hand for a handshake. Irene shyly shook his hand before giving a shy smile to him. "We're going to have lunch. We should get going now..." I said. "Oh, is that so?" Namjoon said before turning back to Irene. "I'll see you later then." Namjoon said and winked at her before leaving. Irene just stared at him confusingly.

Irene's POV
"Let's go." Taehyung said as he tapped my shoulder causing me to flinch a bit. I nodded before following him from behind. We walked out of the building together and looked around to find a place to eat. "Have you found any good places to eat?" He asked. "Hmm?" I turned to him with my head tilted to the side a bit.

"Well Lisa brought me to this cafe thing. I just had breakfast there and it's like so good!" I said happily

Oh right... He's my boss not a friend. I should be more formal...

I coughed as I realised the way I was talking to him. "Sorry that was impolite of me..." I apologized to him. He smiled. "Gwenchana... I mean since we're working together, we should be more comfortable." He said. I looked at his eyes which was showing happiness. "Plus I never really have friends..." He said softly. "Really? Why?" I asked curiously.

"I can be your friend then." I said. "You want to?" He asked as he raised his eyebrows. He wasn't smiling... "Um yeah.... Why not?" I awkwardly replied to him. "I don't know what it's like to have friends..." He mumbled. "Well it's fine." I said and we both stopped in front of a small restaurant. "Let's eat here?" I asked him. He nodded before opening the door for me. We sat down and ordered some food.

"So what do friends really do?" He asked me. "Well we hang out and watch movies and stuff you know." I said as I tried thinking of what we should do. "Well should we watch a movie then?" He asked. "When?" My eyes widen as I heard him saying that. "Tonight? I'll fetch you at 8 pm." He suggested. "Sure I guess?" I said and gave a warm smile.

Jisoo's POV
"Yah, Chaeyoung-ah." I called Rosé who was sitting while drinking her warm cappuccino. She took a sip of her warm tasty coffee before putting it on the table. "Ne?" She asked. "What time are we gonna watch?" I sat beside her. "8 pm I guess. I'll just meet you there..." She said. "Want some?" She offered as she grabbed her cup and faced me. "Sure." I said before taking the cup from her hand.

I took a sip of the cappuccino before tapping her shoulder. "Chaeyoung-ah." I called her. "What?" She asked. "How is Jennie?" I put the cup on the table. "She's still at her house and we should buy her food later." She told me. I nodded and stood up. "I'm gonna walk outside." I said before leaving the room. I walked to the lift and went to Jennie's place.

I took out the extra key in my bag and opened the door. "Jennie?" I called as I walked inside, looking around to find her. "Jennie?" I opened the door of her room. I saw her laying on the bed. "Jennie-ah." I opened the blanket. It was just a pillow.... Where did she go?

"Eonnie?" I looked behind me. It was Jennie. Phew I thought she was gone... She got me worried for a second there... She walked towards me and sat on the bed. I took a seat beside her before I talk to her. "I'm going to watch a movie. Do you wanna join?" She turned to me. "Hmm?" She said as she tilted her head to the side. "Well I'm going to meet eomma today." She told me. "Oh..." I said as I nodded.

Irene's POV
We went back to the office together. "Go back to work and go home at 5." He told me. "I'll be going inside now." I said and he nodded. He gave me a warm smile before I went inside to my workplace. I smiled back and opened the door. I sat down and opened my file. "Huh?" I flipped all the pages. "Hmm? Where did it go?" I asked myself as I tried to find my daily report.

"I'm sure I put it here....?" I tried to check again before opening the drawers. I turned on my computer. "Hmm maybe I saved my work here." I use the mouse and clicked on my file. My phone suddenly rang. I took it out of my bag and accepted the call. "Hello?" I answered. "Eonnie? Where are you?" It was Seulgi. "My workplace. Why?" I said as I stood up and tried to find my daily report in my bag.

"Nothing I'm just asking. Let's meet later. I'm in the mood to hang out with you." She said. "Ah... Okay then. Seulgi-ah, do you perhaps see my daily report somewhere?" I asked her. "No? Didn't you brought it to the office yesterday?" She said. I sighed. "I don't know.... If you see it, please call me. I really need it." I told her. "Okay." She said and hang up.

I stood up and walked out of my workplace. I went to the counter and made 2 cups of coffee. I put them on the tray and grab a plate for the cookies and set them up in a tidy way. I knocked on Taehyung's door before entering his room. "Oh hey Irene." He said in a cheerful way as he showed his cute smile. I just smiled at him and put the tray on his table. "Gomawo." He thanked me before taking the cup of coffee. "Umm... Taehyung?" I called. He turned to me with his head tilted. "Hmm?" He said.

"I can't find my daily report-" He stood up from his seat. "I knew something like this would happen. Which is why I made a copy." He took out a paper from his drawer and gave me the paper. "Oh my God... Thank you." I said as I felt relieved. I thought he would kill me or something! He laughed at me as he sit down again. "Now go work. I'll meet you at 8." He said. "Oh I'll see you there." I said with a smirk. He winked at me and laughed at me. I sighed. "This guy..." I said and laughed before leaving the room.

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