Chapter 2: Is she a female rapper ?

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If looks could kill this man would be dead right where he stood. But I tried to gather myself as I was still at work

"Yeah I am so sorry uh ?" I stared at him waiting for him to say his name

"Finneas" he reached out his had to shake mine

"Autumn" I said as we shook hands

His mind was easy to read he confirmed that the girl behind him was Billie and that he was confused on what just happened between me and her.

I wanted him to forget about it so I gathered myself together and said " okay Billie, Finneas follow me I will take you to your green room." They began to follow me talking about random stuff but I could hear that Finneas still planned to ask Billie about what happened back there.

When we got to the green room Billie basically ran to the table to grab the takis and started to eat immediately. " do you guys need anything" I asked politely

"Nope we good g" Billie said and Finneas just rolled his eyes at her and shook his head as well

"Okay I will be back in an hour if you need something press this botton it is directly linked with my head piece other than that I will be back to escort you to the stage"

Billies POV
"Hey bills if you don't mind me asking what happened back there ?" Finneas asked me with a look of confusion on his face

"What are you talking about bro"

"With autumn you've never looked at someone like that Bills, you guys like had some kind of moment" he said with what seemed like jealousy in his voice

"I don't know I looked at her and when I tried to look away it was like she held me there Dude "

I don't know what the fuck happened back there to be honest. I am 100% straight but looking at this security guard made me feel different. I knew that I wanted nothing more than to get to know her. But for some reason the way she looked at me made me feel uneasy, she looked like she was wanted to see into my soul.

"Alright bill I'll leave it alone let's just practice"

Autumns POV
How is this possible it doesn't make any sense she is just a little regular girl. How can she block my powers? I went around the building and every person I saw I tried reading their thoughts and sure enough , all the dark secrets came running.

One person planned on screaming their lungs out tonight. Another thought about their cat they left at home. Another thought about how they had piles of homework and studying to do but they haven't touched it.

All the typical thoughts of crazed fans that still had lives outside of this concert. But none of this helped my unease why can't I read her thoughts.

Why is she so special ?

"Autumn, it's time to get Billie and her brother from the green room The show is about to start" my boss said in a raspy tone over my ear piece

Holy shit. An hour passed by already.
I knocked on the door and Billie and Finneas simultaneously said come in

"Hey are you guys ready to start? "
"Yeessssss lets do this shit " Billie said

This whole time I didnt even think about what to expect from Billie, the way she dressed implied female rapper so I prepared for the worst and escorted them to the stage. I grew more and more anxious wanting to know what this blue eyed Siren had under her belt

"Here we are, I will be directly in front of the stage to protect you from any craziness that happens" I said while looking her directly in the eye

"Whenever your ready the crowd is waiting, im going to go take my place up front" I said my words of departure

I walked up to the front of the barricade and joined the other two security guards on both sides of me, the leader stands in the middle, which I earned my place for, I fought hard to get where I was in these past two years.

"Get ready guys and Autumn, this is going to be a crazy concert from what I heard, This artist likes to have the crowd jumping" my manager usually only warned us if it was going to be really bad.

I was the only female guard in the company. Man was it hard to get here though.

Before I could reminisce in the past, I heard screaming and then a beat

All I could think of when I heard the beat was oh my god she actually is a female rapper and I became scared to hear what I was about to hear

Then the screams intensified as she ran out to greet everyone with a very loud "Hey guys how y'all doing tonight " she basically screamed into the mic

The screams amplified man I wish I could turn off my hearing like I could turn off people's thoughts

Then out of no where I heard...

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