What I would have given to punch him there and then, but I refrained, taking a deep breath, putting on a brave face, and beginning to weave through the crowds towards Hargid and a shorter figure who I could only assume was my little brother...

"Ava!" Hagrid exclaimed when I came into sight.

He strode over to me and hugged me tightly, which, for a half-giant, is quite a suffocating hug, actually.

I gasped for breath and he let go; "Sorry about that," he apologised, his Scottish accent shining through- God I'd missed that. Just hearing my actual guardian brought a sense of calmness to me, which was something of vital importance given my current situation.

I stood still, staring at Hagrid's stomach, knowing that, should he move, I would be staring directly at a just-turned-eleven-year-old boy.

Hagrid sensed my anticipation and slowly moved aside.

Behind him, a rather short, quite scrawny boy, stood, his dark hair flopping down over where I assumed his scar lay, engraved on his head.

He was looking at me nervously through his steel rimmed, round glasses, and I immediately felt drawn to him. This boy was my brother, after all, and I felt he needed me, to care for him. I looked deep into his green eyes, and could see several emotions swimming around in them; anxiety, happiness, excitement, a little sadness, but most of all, I saw hope.

That broke me. I launched myself at him, engulfing him in a hug as I cried into his hair. He seemed taken aback at first, but I soon felt his shoulder jerking and felt hot tears soak into my shirt. I didn't mind though. We needed this. We had been seperated for too long. We needed to let it all out- all the built up sadness from our past, and our happiness at been reunited. 

I could feel seven pairs of eyes on me, and knew the Weasleys has stuck around to watch. I didn't mind though- I was with Harry now, and that was all that mattered...

Soon, Hagrid, Harry and I had been everywhere needed in Diagon Alley- we had first stopped at Gringotts. I had stayed outside for that though because the goblins creeped me out, what with how they stare at you as you go up to ask to enter your vault.

Then we had stopped by Madam Malkin's. I had quickly purchased a new robe, jumper and tie, and had sat with Harry as he had a robe fitting, and tried on various sizes of jumpers.

"How do I know what colour tie to get?" he had asked, having grown comfortable with me only moments after our meeting.

"Oh, you can get the black one," I said, picking one out from where they were; "The other ties are for the different houses- red and gold is Gryffindor, blue and white is Ravenclaw, yellow and black is Hufflepuff, and green and silver is Slytherin. You'll be sorted into a house by the sorting hat when you arrive at Hogwarts," I explained, and he nodded, understanding.

Then we had been to Flourish and Blotts for quills, ink and parchment.

We had then ducked into the cauldron shop to buy one each.

After that, we had been to Quality Quidditch Supplies, partly to introduce Harry to the wizarding sport (although Hagrid was the one to explain briefly what it was, me promising to tell him in more detail another time), and partly so I could buy a new Gryffindor scarf to wear during the matches at school. From this, Harry had obviously deciphered that I was, in fact, in Gryffindor, and I promised to tell him all about everything he wanted when we went to the Leaky Cauldron for a drink later.

As we were exiting the shop, I bashed into someone's chest.


I lost my balance, and was tumbling back until someone's hand caught onto my wrist and pulled me back upright.

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