Chapter-14 (e)

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Chapter-14: Awaiting Confrontation and Gilderoy Lockhart

Selene's P.o.v:

After reading daily prophet I kept it aside and started having breakfast while everyone was seeing me and feeling their stares on me it was irritating. Meanwhile, Uncle Sev along with other heads of the houses went towards their tables to forward timetable. After receiving our timetables I found out that we have all core subjects with Griffyndor which made me irritated but I hid it. After that along with dragon and his friends, we started walking towards Charms class as it was the first class we have when we reached the corridor Ron and Hermione were already present there glaring daggers at me.

"You betrayed us you slimy snake. How dare you? I became your friend along with her but you whore." Ron shouted at me which made my eyes sting with tears.

"You know what Ron, you were my first friend when I stepped in this world but you became my friend just to get my fortune along with Hermione so I think you betrayed me," I said softly meanwhile professor Flitwick opened the glass door and I went inside but I did hear the conversation which made me happy.

"Listen here Weasely stay away from my sister or else you will face the wrath of myself and every Slytherin. Do you understand?" Dragon said.

"Shut up Malfoy or else I will make sure you and your death eater friends can never enter in this grounds." Ron threatened. That made me snap.

"Look here Weasely I'm being soft and silent doesn't mean that I forgave you or any one of them that made my life living hell in these years just be careful if not you will find yourself at my wand point," I said dangerously pointing my wand at his throat and released my magic lightly which made them shiver and I can see the fear in his eyes but like a reckless fool that is Gryffindors, he shouted at me.

"Oh please who will fear you, you are nothing but a freak and whore." He said and Silence followed the corridor.

"Mr Weasely and Ms Granger fifty points each and month detention with Professor Snape for pointing the wand at a fellow and student and abusing the student." Professor McGonagall shouted.

"Come to Rosie its time for class."Dragon said and took me to front row seat while Daphne, Tracey, Theo along with Blaise sat around us.

After that classes were blurred till lunch and I didn't have the mood to have lunch so I went to lake and sat alone but I didn't know how much time has passed until I heard set of footsteps and when I turned around to see who it was I was surprised to see Dad, Uncle Moony along with Dora.

"Papa, what are you and Dora doing here?" I asked him.

"Pup what are you doing here alone you know Draco and everyone is worried for you it has been two hours. So Moony contacted me as no one could find you. you know your grandmother and Aunt Cassie was ready to storm to the castle to find you but I stopped them." Dad said.

"I'm sorry dad it's just when Ron said that I...I was freak I think he said truly I mean why you people love I'm a freak right?" I asked him.

"Pup listen here listen clearly you're not a freak nor whore you are my daughter and symbol of love that was between me and James. You're loved by everyone so don't think you're not worth it. Do you understand?" Papa asked me.

"Yes papa, I'm sorry. I will never repeat this." I said.

"Okay pup now goes and talk to Draco he is worried about you." He said and I nodded my head.

I started walking through halls towards dungeons to meet the dragon in thoughts when I bumped into someone. When I looked towards the person I groaned internally.

"Good evening Professor Lockhart." I wished him with a fake smile.

"Ha good evening Ms Potter."

"Professor it is Ms Potter-black," I said through gritted teeth.

"Ok ok, so how do you feel being a celebrity? You know if you have any problem in dealing with fans and photographs I can help with you it."

"No thank you, professor, I'm not a celebrity."

"As I'm also a celebrity, girls swoon at me while boys swoon at you, I can be a lot of help for you." He said ignoring my answer.

"Selene here you are I was worried for you. Where were you?" Dragon asked coming to me and I felt relief wash over me.

"I was at Lakeside, common we will talk in a common room. Good evening professor." I said and dragged Dragon away.

When I entered the common room, Daphne, Tracey, Pansy, Theo and Blaise were waiting for me with concern written on their faces.

"Selene are you fine?" They asked simultaneously.

"I'm fine everyone for few minutes I was struck in past but now I'm fine," I said and they were satisfied but not Dragon.

"Come on Rose we will talk in uncle's private quarters." He said dragged me away.

I resigned myself as he is not going to calm down till he feel satisfied that I'm fine so we went to Uncle Sev's down and he was in his classes and the minute I stepped through room I fell back due to the twin forces that collided with me and the force that was coiled around my body.

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