Chapter 12

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"Welp, this goes to shit..." Janna whistles.

I felt bad for giving the girl headache. Everybody roared with gasps as I struggle to fight her strength. This woman is really strong and she punched my ribs and butt cheeks. Which really ticked my nerves and I rolled and pin her down.

They put the blame on me for fighting roughly. Which I didn't intend to do, she attacked me in the first place and she literally wants to choke me to death. On purpose? I haven't met her in my life.

But the only thing on my mind was her glowing eyes in turquoise. Which made my nose twitch, everything seems off, which I gotta keep stealthy and make the walls as my eyes guiding me to find clues.

"Hey, don't worry about what happened earlier. We all need a good night sleep."Jacksom cut the thick air as the rest of us went back to our dorms and went to sleep.

I could feel my back rusted and yet I couldn't sleep well thinking about what happend and the blame.


Rest of the week turned worse. Everybody throws glares at me, I manage to ignore, sometimes someone would shout 'faggot' or some offensive words that sounded awful and shit.

Only I could not handle was the studies and the case. Atleast I thought it would be, my friends helped me with it, the only thing missing is Cain.

I haven't seen him for so long. I wanted someone to talk to or even hang out, they haven't seen them either. Jack and Simon went to look for him, but eventually he's sick. Which felt pretty odd, to my stomach, or I'm just hungry.

Vixen, who's in a bad mood. Didn't bother talking to me or to her friends, she was left out and I wanted to comfort her and talk. Only if she cooled down.


I turned around and Weirdo was standing behind the corridor wall motioning me to come over. And I raised my eyebrows following her.

"I believe you saw the glowing eyes." She crossed her eyes which made my face light up.

"Oh thank God, I thought I was the only one."

"I used your pendulum, technically I was too late to stop you because I went out hunting in the bridge."

I widened my eyes and push her on the Chemistry Lab.

"What do you mean bridge and hunting? And why did you took the pendulum!?" I asked feelinguncomfortable.

Then she bit her tongue. "That was a metaphor, meaning 'Hidden secret'. There's a bridge behidn the campus thought.

"Also I didn't mean it, it was given to you by my mom at the booth. Everybody is amazed by her and eventually scare one of the guys."

"What?! There's a bridge in the woods behind the campus?"

She nodded in reply. "Mhm, technically the campus has secrecy that many students don't know. I explore lots of lost things here. Didn't you know, this place used to be an old mansion, to a hospital for soldiers and into this?"


"How the hell do you know what history? Is in in-"

"Not google- I DON'T TRUST GOOGLE. Not wiki not in our history book. I just know." She looked around and then back at me with a stern look.

"This place isn't what it seems, you think everything's normal for a world. Wrong. Hidden history hid beneath our feet, secrets locked in the case. You think this is haunted or the end of the world.

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