Character Checklist #2

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And here's Xander's character sheet. Let's know how well I know him( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Full name: Alexander Lúcio Love

Meaning for name: Defender of men, light

Does he like his name: no, and he doesn't like it when anyone calls him by his full first name.

Nickname: Blaze, Xander

Age/Grade: 17/Senior

How old he appears: 18

Eye colour: pale/light blue, sometimes cerulean

Glasses: no

Weight/build: approx. 149llbs

Height: 6ft 2"

Skin type: fair and olive blend

Hair colour and length: curly raven hair, uncut, so it's pretty long.

Taste in clothes: dark colors, hoodies and ripped jeans.

Healthy?: not necessarily

Music: heavy metal, punk, emo rock, hard rock, dubstep

Daredevil or cautious: careless

Is he the same alone?: not always. Sometimes he'll put  puts on a show when he's around other people (eg. Flirtatious, reckless).

Good habits: you decide :)

Bad habits: addicted to cigarettes, likes getting high, hates having to interact with people, can be reckless.

Callous – he's hardened to emotions, rarely showing any form of it in expression, besides anger and disgust. Unfeeling. Cold; he's rather bipolar/borderline, if you ask me.

Favorite things: his car, his hair

Favorite person/role model: his mother (favorite person), Carlos (role model).

Hobbies: art and craft, fixing cars, smoking

Family situation: estranged relationship with his stepmother and father, deceased mother.

Friend situation: he classifies people as either 'friends', or 'fuck buddies'.

Worst thing that could happen to him: reliving his mother's death

What is he reluctant to tell people: just about everything; Xander dislikes having to open up about himself and his feelings. He also hates showing vulnerability.

Opinions on sex/relationships: he doesn't particularly care about any of them. He has sex to take his mind off his problems, and he wouldn't waste his time on relationships or 'love'.

Major flaws? His depression, temper, self-harming tactics and his addiction to drugs.

How does he feel about himself? He hates himself.

Selfish/selfless: a blend of both.

Whoaaaa. Now that was some pretty deep stuff.

What ya'll think? Is Sage and Xander like oil and water or what?

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