Character Checklist #1

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This was a character checklist I stumbled upon on Pinterest, and I thought 'what the heck' and filled it out.

Full name: Sage Tommaso Tremaine

Meaning for name: Wise one (French origin)

Does he like his name: Yes

Nicknames: Cinnamon, Snowflake, Donut etc.

Age/Grade: 15/Sophmore

How old he appears: 14

Eye colour: a weird mixture of brown, gray, green and yellow

Glasses: no

Weight/build: 110lbs, skinny

Height: 5ft 7"

Skin type: Pale white

Hair colour and length: curly, golden blond. Almost collar bone lengthy when stretched.

Taste in clothes: hoodies, gym shorts (at home), sweaters, comfortable jeans

Healthy?: yes

Music: not a big music person, but he likes country music and calming instrumentals

Daredevil or cautious: timid and cautious

Is he the same alone?: yep. He's always a fidgety spaz

Good habits: kind, helpful, nice, doesn't hold grudges

Bad habits: gullible, stutters, low self-esteem and confidence

Favorite thing: his teddy bear Skittles, and forehead kisses before bedtime

Favorite person/role model: his father

Hobbies: studying, cooking, talking to friends, helping people, solving mathematical problems.

Family situation: overprotective mother, deceased father

Friend situation: good; three best friends

Worst thing that could happen to him: having to relive the experience of his diary being exposed, or if his mother were to find out about it.

What is he reluctant to tell people: that he likes boys, and that he doesn't have a father anymore.

Opinions on sex/relationships: Sage thinks of sex to be one of the most embarrassing things someone can live through(alongside kissing), and he views relationships as a nice thing, but he would rather studying because relationships can lead to sex and kissing.

Major flaws? His anxiety

How does he feel about himself? Ridiculously self-conscious because of his shyness and feminine looks.

Selfish/selfless: selfless

Xander's character sheet up next xD
Lemme know what you think of Sage's ミ(・・)ミ

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